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What I Accomplished in 2021

Shalom friends.

As 2021 has come to a close, I thought I’d inventory what has been a good year for me, despite COVID and all the craziness.

In this post you’ll find some photos of myself and my family, our adventures, some Messianic things I’ve accomplished this year, and more.

And some personal highlights from 2021:

🎹 Added 16 new Messianic albums (240+ new Messianic songs!) to Chavah Messianic Radio
🎶 Raised over $15,000 for Messianic musicians via Messiah’s Music Fund
💰 Raised over $10,000 for Israeli charities through my non-profit, Bless Israel
👩‍💻 Rewrote from the ground up
📢 Created MessianicChords iOS app, Android app, and Windows app
📝 Added 100+ new chord charts to MessianicChords
🔯 Wrote a dozen or so articles on faith and life on this blog
😅 Got COVID and recovered
🎉 Spent a lot of time with my kids!
💗 Went on lots of dates with my wife!
🥾 Took a few hiking adventures, some by myself and some with the whole fam
💪 Began a daily exercise habit - 15-20 minutes, full sweat, every weekday
🕎 Practiced Hebrew with Duolingo each day of year, extending my streak to 1390 consecutive days of learning Hebrew
📖 Grew closer to God through Scripture study, family Bible lessons each week, prayer, church, worship, and church small groups
🏜 Read Dune
🔉 Launched a podcast with John K. McKee of Messianic Apologetics
🏄‍♂️ Went surfing for the first time
🎻 Joined the Proclaim Music Fest leadership team
🎸 Learned a dozen new songs on the guitar
💻 Got tech press articles on my work at Microsoft
🏈 Went to a Minnesota Vikings game and a Seahawks game
⛪ Joined the worship team at my church and led worship a few times
⚾ Joined a new softball team and made some new friends
😎 Helped a friend get hired at Microsoft and saw our friendship grow over the last year
⚡ Played a ton of Age of Mythology with my wife and son
🍿 Had game night or movie night with my family nearly every week of the year

This blog, the Kineti blog, also saw some love. I’m most proud of these posts:

Not too shabby! Here’s to a joyful, fruitful, good and upright טוב וישר year, friends. 🥂

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