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Remembering Aaron

Two years ago my younger brother Aaron passed away.

I often think of him and our good times together. I think about our interactions over the years. My wife and I were joking the other day about when he lived with us for a short while, he would eat our almonds and walnuts and leave bowls of cracked nut shells around our house. 😊 (This guy needed to learn how to clean up after himself!)

Aaron had good and bad things in his life. I tend to think more often of the good things now. Just this morning I was thanking God for Aaron’s zeal for the Torah, his sense of humor, his funny impersonations, his “no bullshit, tell you like it is” style, his musical talent and love for the psalms.

Aaron loved to write songs, sing, and play guitar. He did so wherever he went - in fact, when he made aliyah to Israel he brought only the essentials: clothes, a little money…and his guitar.


I miss my little brother. I know his kids miss him too. Our family misses him.

I hope to see Aaron again in the resurrection.

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