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Please pray for Aaron - his condition has worsened

Shalom friends,

Some of you know my younger brother Aaron drowned near his home in Israel. He has been in a coma since August.

We just got word from the embassy this morning that Aaron's condition has worsened and that he may die within weeks.

But life and death are ultimately in God's hands, so I ask you to pray for him. Proverbs tells us to "Trust in the Lord with your whole heart, and lean not on your own understanding." I don't know why Aaron drowned or why he is in a coma. I don't know why he would die. There's no understanding tragedies like this. So I trust that the Lord is good and does what is right.

I know that God has the power to raise up a person from the dead, let alone from a coma. But it's not our will, but God's.

There are numerous documented cases of God healing people from comas. My grandmother recently shared this article, referencing an article from USA Today where a young woman in a coma was declared brain dead and taken off of life support. Before she died, a family friend prayed for her, and to the surprise of her doctors, she woke from her coma and lived.

Of course, the other side is also true: numerous instances where a person in a coma was prayed for, and God sends no healing. God isn't a celestial butler to whom we make demands. We only ask His will.

And that's what I ask for you, friends: please pray for Aaron and ask God's will be done with his life. And read a psalm over Aaron, would you? I was reading Psalm 38 this morning after I received the news. The psalms were a huge influence on Aaron -- Aaron wrote many songs of yearning and longing based on the Scriptures -- and I think praying the Word of God over Aaron is good and right and holy.

With all that said, if Aaron lives, I'll bless God. And if he dies, I'll bless God.

Thank you, friends.

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