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Loneliness and the Divine Ideal

Dennis Prager on the foundational Biblical statement, “It is not good for man to be alone”:

I find Prager’s statement profound:

It says that male-female marriage is the divine ideal — when society says there is no ideal.

It says children are not a replacement for a spouse — when many divorcées burden their adult children as such.

It says that communities — even religious communities — are not a substitute for a spouse.

It says that marriage is the highest form of commitment — when society says two people living together is just as acceptable.

It says that men and women need each other — when feminism says “women need men like fish need a bicycle.”

It says that God sees loneliness as “not good” — in our age where divorce rates, out-of-wedlock births, and loneliness are at all-time highs.

It says monogamy is the best condition for human happiness — at a time when polyamory and sleeping with many partners is increasingly accepted as normative, and at a time when certain religious fundamentalists -- Mormon, Hebrew Roots, Islamic fundamentalists -- are pushing for a return of polygamy.

Does a relationship with God fix human loneliness? Prager says no:

“God declared Adam “alone” despite the fact that Adam had a relationship with God. The lesson? God declares that even He, God, does not fully assuage our aloneness. God is essential, but we also need people.”

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