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Jewish Objections to Jesus

In the comments to this post, a Jewish man points me to 2 videos of Rabbi Mizrachi debating at his synagogue with a gentile Christian.

I applaud the Rabbi for allowing a member of a foreign religion into his synagogue to debate in front of his own congregants. I can't say I know of too many churches that would do the same!

I love debates because they sharpen your knowledge and quickly break down shaky theologies or simply show you where your knowledge is lacking.

In this case, the rabbi comes hard against the anti-Torah, anti-Jewish nature of the modern Christian religion, in addition to questioning the authentic nature of the New Testament, pointing out flaws and inconsistencies contained within, such as the different genealogies of Yeshua in Matthew 1 and Luke 3.

The rabbi comes out swinging hard against Christianity. His first major point?

Matthew 5.

The rabbi says of Matthew 5, paraphrasing,

"Here Jesus tells his students to keep the Torah and all the commandments until heaven and earth pass away, saying he has not come to abolish them but rather to fulfill them.

Now tell me, why is it that there are no Christians who keep the Torah? Maybe there are some, somewhere, but I don't personally know of a single Christian who honors God's sabbath. How can Jews take Christianity seriously when Christians do not follow succinct commandments of their own Christ?"

The Christian gentile responded by simply saying, "Jesus fulfilled the Torah." The rabbi gets back up and says, "You didn't answer my question; Jesus said he fulfilled Torah and in the same breath, told his students to keep it. Why aren't Christians keeping a succinct commandment of their Christ?"

The gentile Christian didn't have a satisfactory response.

The rabbi was hinting that Jesus' own words tell us that we ought to keep the Torah. So what's this nonsense about converting to this other religion called Christianity?

Serious Questions for Christians

The rabbi raises a point we ought to consider: an intellectually honest person must question how a Jew could ever accept a Messiah who is preached to have done away with and for all intents and purposes put an end to the Torah.

How can a Jew take seriously someone who is purported to have ended something God said would be eternal? I think to anti-Judaic translations in the New Testament like "Christ is the end of the law..." or "Christ abolished in himself the enmity [some translations say 'law'] which was against us, nailing it to the cross."

And I think to the anti-Judaic preaching of those Pauline quips which are made in the name of grace, but made in ignorance of the larger context of Scripture. They are used as a sword against God's righteous commandments in Torah and against Messiah's own words and actions.

You'll rarely hear these folks quoting Messiah in support of their anti-Judaic doctrines, which pit grace and Law as opposites, contrary to each other. Instead, they only quote Paul -- and even then, only select quotes, lest they stumble upon Paul's doctrine of upholding Torah, such as 1 Corinthians 5.

The rabbi poses some provocative questions. They expose some chinks in the armor of modern Christian doctrines.

Personally, I would answer him by saying, the religion of Christianity officially departed from the Hebrew faith during the time of Constantine in 325 CE, at which point it became illegal to keep God's commandments -- Sabbath, the Feasts of the Lord, kashrut, etc.

Thus, to this day, the modern religion is a departure from the Hebrew faith and its adherents do not keep Messiah's succinct commandment regarding the Torah in Matthew 5, nor do they keep the apostles' ruling regarding the Torah in Acts 15.

I would further point out that there exists some Messiah-followers (I am hesitant to call them Christians) who do keep God's commandments, including some Messianics Jews, Messianic Israelites, as well as most of Nazarene Judaism.

A Nazarene follower of Messiah recently related,

Many have asked "Why have the Jews rejected Jesus?"… well let me make
this clear, the only "Jesus" that most Jewish people have ever been
exposed to is the "Jesus" that supposedly came to "free them from the
bondage of the Law". Yes, they have rejected this Torah-less Jesus,
and rightly so. But most of them have never been exposed to the real

In coming years you will see many Jewish people embracing Yeshua as
the Messiah. But the Yeshua that they accept will be the real Yeshua
and not the Torah-less "Jesus" that Christendom has adopted from pagan
sources. The Jewish people know that an anti-Torah Messiah is no
Messiah at all, they know better than to accept the rank paganism
attached to Gentile Christianity.

The truth is that a great number of Orthodox Jews (even Rabbis)
already know that Yeshua is the true and only Messiah, some of them
have even confided this to me. At present they have no intention of
disclosing this fact because they believe it would unite them with an
anti-Torah Christianity which is overflowing with pagan customs and
practices, and a disdain for the Torah which is seen as "bondage".

The point I would wish to show the rabbi is that modern Christianity has a flawed doctrine that abolishes the Jewishness of the faith, severing it from its Hebraic foundation; the rabbi need not judge Messiah by the actions of Christianity which has persecuted Jews for over a thousand years.

I would suggest that believing in Messiah does not mean converting to a new religion, nor should it, for Messiah did not come to start a new religion.

How would you answer the rabbi, dear blog reader?


  1. Jesus really isn't about religion but instead, enables us to have a personal relationship with God. Religion is a set of tenents and practices that suposedly make the follower acceptable to God. In Christ, we are made acceptable apart from the Law, without religion but through the power of the Life that is Jesus living in us that frees us from sin. Though this takes place apart from the Law, it does not refute the Law but upholds it in a way that religion never can from the inside out rather than from the outward appearance only. This is the way that Jesus fulfilled the Law and He empowers those whom the Father has given Him to do the same.

    The Jews who are yet blind to the Messiah have been blinded until the full number of Gentiles have been brought in. At the appointed time, God will open their eyes and all of Israel will recognized their Messiah.

    I agree that much of modern Christianity is myth and legend and it has been for a long time. It amazes me that people are called out to Christ despite so much human error. Then again, I am not surprised because Salvation is a work of God and not of man. God is not thwarted by man.

  2. What about the audience Yeshua spoke to? His audience was Jewish when he spoke these words. Later the apostles came to the revelation that the Messiah was for Jew and Gentile both. My view is this: Jews should continue to live out the areas of the law that have application. Gentiles are under obligation to the moral law, but the identity and heritage of Israel is not obligatory upon them. They have been grafted in and accepted as Gentiles.

  3. Why is it such a burden to keep the Sabbath, the Feasts of God, the commandments, etc? I know that as gentiles we are not under obligation-but if you love somebody would you not want to partake in His celebrations?

    The Rabbi is right. I would have given the same answer as Judah - but with embarrassment. It is truly a miracle that God still works through christianity and its muddy waters.

  4. Judah,

    To me it is all just a smoke screen. Jesus came into this world to seek and to save those who are lost. He sent His Spirit into the world to convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgment...that includes Rabbi Mizrachi. We will one day stand before God, as will the Rabbi, either in our own righteousness or in the imputed righteousness of to eternal death, one to eternal life.

    It ALL comes down to what we as individuals did with His Son Jesus, did we believe Him...did we place our faith in Him. We won't stand before Him and answer to what someone else did with Jesus or in His name.

    So to me, it is a distinction without relevance. There is only one WAY to the Father, His name is Jesus.

    I don't mean that to sound as harsh as it might be, but people can always find an excuse to avoid coming to faith in is full of hypocrites, God is evil because He told the Israelites to kill women and children, the Bible doesn't use the right value for pi, etc. But again, it is all just a smoke screen.

    In Christ,

  5. Pam, you often say we are made acceptable apart from the Law. I kind of agree. I mean, we're not righteous by our works. At the same time, if your works are rebelling against God, I don't think one can honestly say he is in alignment with God. It's kind of the whole "faith w/o works is dead" thing.

    How would you answer the rabbi who asked, "Why do Christians not keep a succinct commandment of their Christ?"

  6. Glen, it's debatable whether Yeshua was speaking only to Jews, after all, he said in Matthew 5, "anyone who breaks the least of the commandments or teaches others to do so...", he does not say "any Jew who break the least of the commandments or teaches others to do so...").

    In any case, however, the disciples in Acts 15 are explicitly addressing new gentile believers. Their decision was that they gentiles ought to start by keeping 4 laws from the Torah, 3 of which are dietary. These are likewise ignored by Christianity today.

  7. Dorla,

    I think it comes down to change. People do not like to change, especially when they are comfortable in their religion.

    Many lukewarm believers do not wish to go against the grain of their church, either. If a gentile celebrated God's feasts, like Messiah and the disciples did, it's likely their church would sure look at them funny!

    So the matter is one of lethargy and a desire to fit in.

    Gentiles who believe in Jesus see no problem with putting the Law aside, even though the Psalmist said it is a delight to keep the law of the Lord, even though 1 John says breaking the Law is sin, even though Paul says the same, even though Messiah said to keep the Torah, even though Messiah himself kept the Torah, even though the disciples commanded all new gentile believers to start by keeping 4 commandments from the Torah.

    Unfortunately, this putting aside of the Law is a terrible witness to the Jewish people. It enables Jews to look at Christianity as a foreign religion that abolishes something God ordained as an eternal covenant.

    Think of it this way: if a man came to your church saying, "Hey, Messiah has already come for a 2nd time, and guess what, he's abolished the New Testament!" -- how would you react? Probably the same way Jews react to modern Christianity.

  8. Gary,

    I recognize your wisdom in this matter. I do think the rabbi's objection is a sincere one -- at least, he believes entirely he's correct in this matter.

    Think about it this way. Christians want to convert him and his congregants to Christianity. He looks at the New Testament for himself and sees Jesus telling us to keep the Torah until heaven and earth pass away.

    The rabbi thinks to himself, "Man, me and my congregation are doing exactly that! So what's this nonsense about converting to Christianity?! This religion they want me to convert to isn't even following Jesus' own teachings."

    You may argue the rabbi is selectively choosing New Testament citations, ignoring other passages that would force him to confront Yeshua as the Messiah, such as

    "No man comes to the Father but by Me. If a man comes any other way, he is a thief and a robber."

    And you may argue that the rabbi is raising a point only to avoid belief in Yeshua as Messiah.

    These may be true -- and yet, the point he raises is nonetheless a valid one. Christians desire to convert him to a religion that doesn't even follow Jesus' teachings, one that will almost certainly severe his Jewish identity and effectively turn him and his descendants into gentiles.

  9. Judah,

    Most believe that they are keeping the Sabbath and many do in every respect except for the day of the week. I am sure also that many Jews keep the day outwardly when inwardly, they'd rather be doing something else. I think God will judge each of us individually on this subject.

    There are many immature Christians who do live their lives in rebellion to God's Laws but I believe that if they are really saved they will change over time.

    The Law can't make anyone holy, Judah. The Law counts sin and condemns those who's sins are counted. Only Jesus can make us holy by imparting His own righteousness to us. Otherwise, we are hopeless, Jew and Gentile alike. If you doubt my faith then watch how I live and conduct myself then you will know if my works are of God or myself. No works done by the power of self-righteousness will ever count for anything. God wants us to depend upon Him.

    It is kind of like the Congress passing laws that people wrong-headedly think will prevent crime. There is no law that prevents crime it only identifies the crime and the punishement for it. Likewise with criminals, they can't be reformed from without. There has to be an iward change of heart. That is what we have in Jesus, an inward change not only of heart but indeed, we become a new creature. The Law is natural to this new creature but is foriegn to our old nature and the Law means only death to those who have not been born again in the Spirit.

  10. I also pray that the rabbi will not use the failings of Christians as an excuse for not accepting Jesus as his savour. It won't hold water on Judgement Day.

  11. Judah,

    I don't disagree that every child of God can be a stumbling block to someone coming to faith in Jesus. I think we all have been a stumbling block at one time or another. I understand where you and the Rabbi are coming from. There is a saying that God's children are the only Bible some people will ever read. If they can't see the difference Jesus has made in your life, then why should they listen to your words?

    From my perspective, I couldn't care less about converting someone to a religion. I believe religion is a man made thing. The only thing I care about is "has that person placed His faith in Jesus?" When you or I or the Rabbi stands before God, it will be the only thing that matters...not how well or correctly we did that ole religion thing.

    In Christ,

  12. Does Romans 14 apply to this subject?

  13. Gary, perhaps the issue, then, is that of religion. The rabbi sees belief in Jesus as changing religions.

    And for most everyone, it's exactly that! Ask Jesus into your heart, become a Christian, go to church on Sunday, disregard the commandments. Quote Paul out of context. ;-)

    The rabbi looks at Christianity as rebelling against Messiah's teachings, so why would he be interested in Christianity?

    Your response is, "Don't worry about religion. Focus on Messiah." - right?

    Ok. Follow that for a sec.

    The rabbi has enough interest in Jesus to look into the New Testament. He sees Jesus telling his followers to keep the Torah.

    From the rabbi's perspective, he is following Yeshua's teaching more than you are! Do you guys realize that?

    You talk about judgment day, about faith. Take a step back a moment; those things don't mean much to a man convinced he's already set right with God.

    Answer the rabbi this question: "Why am I not set right with God, when I'm keeping your own Messiah's teachings better than you are? What am I, Rabbi Mizrachi, doing wrong exactly?"

  14. If one rejects the Son, they reject the Father also; no matter how religiously one lives their life, there is no eternal life outside of Christ Jesus.

  15. Judah,

    Isn't that part of what coming to faith is...the realization that your best just isn't good enough.

    I would ask the Rabbi, "What caused Abraham to be made righteous in the sight of God?"

    nevertheless knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the Law but through faith in Christ Jesus, even we have believed in Christ Jesus, so that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the Law; since by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified.

    What the Rabbi would be doing wrong is placing his faith in himself and his own rightousness. According to Romans 3, he will fall far short.

    Wouldn't you agree?

  16. Pam,

    Interestingly, the rabbi argues (I don't) that the New Testament calls us all sons of God, and that title was not meant as something unique to Messiah.


    Great point. Abraham was made righteous by faith, not by the Torah.

    He did have righteous works, works often in alignment with Torah, but he himself wasn't righteous because of his works.

  17. Judah,

    I've wondered about that portion of scripture too. I think that it reads as the Jews regarding themselves as sons of God and not as sons of fornication. I thought that it might be something rooted in Hebrew thought that I don't understand. However, I don't think that the rabbi is right on this one as far as the spiritual meaning. Jews definately need to be born again in spirit just as the rest of us. In Adam all die, in Christ all are made alive.

  18. Judah,

    It's been awhile since I've written, but I have been reading. I like your selection and presentation of topics for discussion.

    And this is an interesting topic, one that I have pondered for many years. And if you don't mind, I would like to share a thought about it with you.

    From my study of scripture I have seen what appears to be two kinds of righteousness.

    The first is the righteousness that a human can attain by walking in the revealed ways of YHVH. Noach was such a man. According to scripture,

    B'resheet 6:9, "Here is the history of Noach. In his generation, Noach was a man righteous and wholehearted; Noach walked with YHVH."

    There are many others. I won't try to list them here.

    This type of righteousness, when acknowledged by YHVH, can lead to a covenant relationship with Him. And it is a righteousness achieved by walking in the "ways of YHVH". Does this kind of righteousness lead to eternal life? Is it based in trust (faith)?

    Eternal life is granted to humans by YHVH based on the specifics of the covenant agreement entered into by both parties, and the faithful execution of those same specific requirements by each participant in the covenant relationship.

    Now we all know that it is true that a person will not be able to walk in the specific covenant requirements without having trust in YHVH. What Yeshua said was not a new concept. Trust and obey. It has been true since the first day.

    The second type of righteousness is that which is conferred upon humans by YHVH, according to His purpose and will, and it is an act of mercy that is delivered by grace.

    And because it is a gift, there can be no amount of effort on the part of the human to obtain it.

    This is the essence of the present (renewed)covenant enacted through the body and blood of Messiah Yeshua.

    And it is because Yeshua completed the requirements of the righteous demands of the Torah that this free gift can be given to those who trust in YHVH through trusting in Yeshua, without having done all that Torah demands. Cornelius is my favorite example. Notice that he was good man and performed the mitzvot of Torah as he understood them. The P'rushim would scoff, but YHVH didn't.

    And though many have received this gift of life by trusting, they will still be judged according to what they have done in the flesh. Do you see the connection? Torah is done in the flesh (in this present temporary physical body). Not keeping the very instructions that will one day judge us is not wise.

    In other words, when Yeshua said, "whoever disobeys the least of these mitzvot (commandments) and teaches other so will be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven. But whoever obeys them and so teaches will be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven", He wasn't speaking idle words. He knows what is coming to us all.

    To sum up, anyone who walks according to Torah will be considered righteous by YHVH. But now, because of His revealed will through His Son, Messiah Yeshua, it is understood that that type of righteousness will not be sufficient to allow someone to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    But that should not be confused with the idea that because someone had received the free gift of eternal life through the righteousness of Yeshua by trusting in Him that all other covenant requirements were suddenly taken off the table.

    In other words, how can you say that you have entered into a covenant with YHVH, while not keeping the requirements of that covenant, and yet say that you still have all the benefits of that same covenant?

    (that was a rhetorical question, not a finger pointing)

    Yes, I know that most Christians will say that walking in love meets all the requirements of the renewed covenantand Torah. But I know that there are probably just as many Christians who have found that it is just as impossible to walk in love all the time as it is to walk in Torah all the time.

    And by the way, love and Torah are the same.

    That was basically what the rabbis question was and it is a valid one.
    And though these type of questions and insufficient answers may at this present time be a wall of division between Jews and Christians, there is that reuniting thing that is going on, the one that is breaking down that wall.

    The new creature (renewed human) will walk in Torah with love. Like Yeshua. And both sides will see the difference.



  19. Who is this 'christian' 'jesus'?

    Truth is the name 'jesus' was first imagined some
    500 years, or so, ago! Truth is that the name 'jesus'
    was not spoken for some 1500 years after The
    Messiah "ascended to His GOD and Father".

    And The Messiah's GOD is The GOD of His Brethren
    and The Messiah's Father is The Father of His Brethren.
    The Messiah, "ascended to His GOD" and was the
    "first-born of many Brethren", "The Beginning of The
    Creation of The Only True GOD".

    The Messiah('christ') is "the mediator between The
    Only True GOD and man".

    The Messiah's GOD given name when translated
    into today's english would be Jo(e)shua. Should not
    The Son of The Only True GOD be called by The
    Name given to Him by His Father and GOD? Yet
    His exalted title is The Messiah, The Son of The
    Living GOD, for as there is only One True GOD,
    so also there is only One True Messiah, Yahshua
    (J(e)oshua in modern day english)The Son of GOD!

    The Messiah testified, "I ascend to My GOD and
    your GOD, to My Father and your Father"!

    Truth also testifies that the name 'jesus' was "imag"ined
    just prior to what 'the god of this world' and his 'christianity'
    declared to be the 'reformation'. That also was some 500,
    or so, years ago. Prior to the 'reformation' there was no 'j'
    sound in the english language and there never has been a
    'j' sound or letter in the greek or Hebrew language!

    Indeed 'catholicism' was reformed, in the sense of being
    restructured and made to appear differently outwardly.
    The various 're-formed' systems of religion were, and are,
    her offspring! And they all bear the 'mark' of their 'god'
    'jesus'! Either they name one head of their three headed
    pagan 'god' 'jesus' or they make the one they call 'jesus'
    their 'god', or declare their 'jesus' to be but an angel or
    prophet. All of pagan 'catholicism's' so-called 'christian'
    daughters are but harlot systems of religion fornicating
    with ' the god of this world', he who is "the father of lies".
    They fornicate with "the god of this world" because they
    love his world, it's things, and their own lives in and of his
    evil, wicked world!"

    The Messiah ascended to His GOD and Father!

    And The Messiah's GOD and Father is also The GOD and
    Father of The Messiah's Brethren, HE WHO IS The ONLY
    TRUE GOD", HE WHO Has No 'god' nor 'father', for HE IS
    "The One GOD, Father of ALL"!

    "Truth" Tesifies:
    "The Messiah is The Son of The Living GOD"!"
    catholic/christian" lies:
    'jesus' is 'god' or 1/3 of a 'god' or an angel or ????

    "Truth" Tesifies:
    "Love your enemies! Turn the other cheek"!
    "catholic/christian" folklore:
    fight and war in the flesh! kill your enemies ;-(

    "Truth" Tesifies:
    "The world is evil"! Come out of her,MY people!"
    catholic/christian" folklore:
    we can change this world and make it 'better' ;-(

    "Truth" Tesifies:
    "The WHOLE world lies in wickedness"!"
    catholic/christian" folklore:
    there are righteous nations, the usa and others ;-(

    "Truth" Tesifies:
    "Love not the world or the things of this world"!
    "catholic/christian" folklore:
    love this world and thank 'god' for it's things ;-(

    "Truth" Tesifies:
    "Pagans observe days, months and years"!
    "catholic/christian" folklore:
    christmas, easter, halloween, 'good' friday, etc. ;-(

    "Truth" Tesifies:
    "Serve The Only True GOD and HIM alone"!
    "catholic/christian" folklore:
    serve family, country and their "imag"ined 'god' ;-(

    "Truth" Tesifies:
    GOD asks, "What building will you build unto ME"?
    "catholic/christian" folklore:
    various buildings dedicated to their "imag"ined 'god' ;-(

    "Truth" Tesifies:
    "As The Messiah suffered so His Brethren will suffer"!"
    catholic/christian" folklore:
    eat, drink, be merry, especially during x-mass season ;-(

    "Truth" Tesifies:
    "GOD helps those who cry unto HIM for help"!
    "catholic/christian" folklore:
    'god' helps those who help themselves ;-(

    "Truth" Tesifies:
    "NO man has seen The Only True GOD"!
    "catholic/christian" folklore:
    many saw their "imag"ined 'god' 'jesus' ;-(

    "Truth" Tesifies:
    "GOD is Spirit and a Spirit has not flesh and bones"!
    "catholic/christian" folklore:
    except for their "imag"ined 'god' 'jesus' that is ;-(

    "Truth" Tesifies:
    "When you pray do so in private"!
    "catholic/christian" folklore:
    pray aloud so that others might hear ;-(

    "Truth" Tesifies:
    "Swear not! Let your yes, be yes, your no, no"!
    "catholic/christian" folklore:
    put your hand on their 'bible' and swear to their 'god' ;-(

    The Messiah testified, "That they might know YOU,
    The ONLY TRUE GOD, and The Messiah, Whom
    YOU have sent"!

    The Messiah testified, "Love Your Enemies"!

    Islam, Judaism, and that which calls itself 'christianity':

    Religious systems of this world and all alike they are,
    for they have fought and killed both near and far;

    And then once a week or multiples times a day they pray,
    yet as hypocrites they begin each new day;

    Days that are filled with deceit and lies,
    for in their religious systems Truth cannot abide;

    And so the fruit of death is born of their religious ways,
    for life is but a pawn in the wicked game they play!

    Multitudes have been seduced by " the commandments
    and doctrines of men and devils"! Theo'ry'logy has bound
    the common people in the chains of "strong delusion".
    The Only True GOD has given HIS Call, "Come out of her,
    MY people", to all who are held captive by this wicked,
    evil world and it's seductive religious systems, especially
    the one that calls itself "christianity".

    "The mother of harlots", "catholicism", and her "protesting"
    "christian" daughters, as well as today's "judaism" and
    "islam", are but seductive harlots fornicating with 'the god
    of this world'!

    They believe in, and are authors of, death ;-(

    The Only True GOD would have us "set our affections on
    things above". HIS Children desire that which is eternal,
    and have quit serving 'time' in the prison that is this wicked
    world. HIS Children have heeded The Call to repent and:

    "Come out from among them and be seperate"!

    They have "Come out" of this wicked, evil world and it's
    systems of religion for they realize that "the WHOLE world
    is under the control of the evil one". (I John 5:19)

    Sadly, a wicked, worldly "christianity" and "catholicism"
    are reasons why "The Way of Truth is evil spoken of" ;-(
    (II Peter 2:2)

    Yet there is Hope!

    For Miracles do happen!

    Hope is there would be those who "set their affections on
    things above", Heavenly things, for they will quit serving
    'time' in the prison that is this world!

    Worldly systems but feed "the lust of the eye, the lust of
    the flesh and the pride of life" and such systems are of
    mankind's "imag"ination, and mankind's "imag"ination
    is under the dominion of "the father of lies", he who is
    "the god of this world", he who is "d"evil spirit of darkness
    who genders but death, destruction, perversion, and fear!

    And mankind's "imag"ination is destroying and perverting
    Creation(land, air, water, creatures, Light, Truth, Love,
    Peace, Mercy, etc.)

    Heed GOD's Call and "Come out of her, MY people"!

    Come out of the perverse, destructive, evil world and it's
    sytems of religion!

    Experience Peace, in spite of the dis-ease(no-peace) that
    is of this wicked world and it's systems of religion, for "the
    WHOLE world is under the control of the evil one"....... francisco

  20. Efrayim,

    I'm glad you're still around. Thanks for hangin'. :-)

    I've only skimmed your comment, but what you said about love and the fulfillment of Torah is right on. Yes, Christians will say walking in love is the fulfillment of Torah, and they are right. As you say, that's not an easy proposition; you said,

    I know that there are probably just as many Christians who have found that it is just as impossible to walk in love all the time as it is to walk in Torah all the time.

    Man, that's right on. It's something that hasn't occurred to me in the past.

    Thanks for the post as always.


  21. Francisco,

    You sure use a lot of quotation marks. I'm lost in a sea of your quotation marks.

    Such long post, too! Wheh. I don't have time to go through the whole thing.

    My only comments are, yes, there is a lot of clinging to man's religion. Still, there are those in religion that truly love the Lord. There are those in religion who use the anlicized name of Jesus, and the Lord loves them just as much as he loves those who use the name Yeshua.


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