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From the Heavens

An upcoming Messianic Jewish music group, Meha Shamayim (Hebrew for "From the Heavens") has a really youthful, folky, joyful sound that I'm really loving.

More importantly, as a priority, their music is heartfelt and praises the Lord unashamedly.

I really love these guys. I've talked with one of the guys, Roman Wood, he's a real down-to-earth guy.

In this YouTube video, Roman and Leonardo talk about the inspirations for songs like No Not I (Only Yeshua In Me), where their music influences come from, how they want their music to convey what God's doing for Israel and what God's doing among the gentiles. Leonardo talks about how God used Messianic music to change him from a secular Israeli Jew into someone who loves Messiah.

Very cool stuff, check it out:

I think my favorite from them is either the forward-looking, prophetic Sound the Great Shofar, or possibly the more loving, beautiful psalm of May the Lord Bless You.


  1. I'd love to hear their next album. Have you talked to Roman at all about any of their plans for a second album?

  2. I messaged him on Myspace, haven't heard back from him.

    Going to their website redirects to Freely Given Records...will be interested to see what they have planned.

  3. Judah, check out Roman's profile:

    Says he's starting a solo album.


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