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Yeshua's Lament (audio)

My younger brother Aaron has put together a really great album of music for Messiah. I'd like to share some of it with you all over the next few weeks, hope you enjoy it.

Aaron's a great guitar player and has done some really beautiful music through his talent. His band, Barak (Hebrew for lightning), plays an interesting mix of Messianic music: I'd best describe it as Messianic Hebrew folk rock, crossed with a touch of Matisyahu-like Reggae. (Told you it was interesting!)

Barak also plays some really beautiful, heart-felt ballads, the first of which is below.

So here's the first: a beautiful ballad based on Luke 22, in which Yeshua (Jesus) prays in great anguish over the things that were about to happen: the fulfillment of Torah through his atoning sacrifice.

Yeshua's Lament.mp3

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