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Restoration of Israel (audio)

My younger brother Aaron's first teaching. Mark this occasion, I've the feeling this is the first of many:

The Importance of the Restoration of Israel.mp3

The teaching talks about the 2 houses of Israel: the southern kingdom of Judah (now modern day Jews) and the northern kingdom of Ephraim/Israel, who are now dispersed and assimilated into the nations, as it was prophesied long ago by Jacob.

He intermingles how this is pertinent to Christians: how Messiah fits into this whole plan, and how this grand plan of God is coming to fruition right before our eyes in modern times. He clarifies what Jesus meant when he said, "I come only for the lost sheep of Israel". Aaron shows how this fits perfectly with Christians becoming grafted into Israel, as Paul mentions in Romans 11.

He does use a few Hebrew terms: Moshiach = Messiah, Moshiach ben David = Messiah son of David, Yahweh = God's name, Yeshua = Jesus' real name, Elohim = God[head], Tzi'on = Zion, Yerushalayim = Jersusalem

Give it a listen, it's a great teaching: Restoration of Israel

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  1. Hey thanks for posting this bro! The more people who hear it, the better.
    See ya Shabbat, achi (my bro).


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