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Israelite Letters

A series of blog posts from a Jewish believer in Messiah living in Israel: Israelite Letters

The purpose of these letters is to remind us of our biblical heritage as a single nation with a kingdom government, on a specific piece of land for our inheritance. I dare say that not only the "banished" ones of the House of Joseph, that is those who have lost their identity as the seed of Avraham, Yitzchak and Ya’acov over the milenia, need to remember, but also the “dispersed” and natural branches of the house of Judah - the known Jews of today.

Messianic Israelites, the “the day of the awe or fear of YHVH” is not an option for us; it is time to send out a clear pure sound and at the appointed time, a loud and clear message of the restoration of the kingdom to Israel in and through the atoning work of the kinsman redeemer Messiah Yeshua, who through his death broke down the dividing wall, the enmity, that in Himself he might make the two into one new man thus establishing peace (ref. Eph 2:15). Shalom! Shalom!

"Messianic Israelites" ... what an interesting term. Messianic, of course, means "Of Messiah". And "Israelite", well, I'll leave that one to Paul. (Hint: believers in Messiah are grafted into Israel.)

Compare it to the term "Christian" which, at least to me, implies such a Greek, non-Jewish, almost foreign Jesus and implies a non-Jewish faith, an opposite of the reality of our Hebrew-rooted faith in Jesus the Messiah, who is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Messiah of Israel, son of Abraham, offspring of David, the promised Moshiach. The same one who single-handledly brought 1/3 the entire gentile (non-Jewish) world to worship the God of Israel. That's the Messiah I want to be identified with.

The blog covers the Feasts of the Lord a bit as well, and the author clearly speaks with a prophetic voice. Subscribed. :-)

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