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Our mucky gray world: Why the West can’t call Hamas evil

Modern war.

If we judge right and wrong by the who has the most civilians killed, Nazi Germany and its 5 million civilian deaths would have been deemed righteous.

Nor can we judge right and wrong by how many pictures of bloodied children you can tweet, photoshopped or real.

And you can’t call it by who started it. Nazi Germany’s evil existed regardless of who started the conflict.

What matters is who’s conscience and actions are morally right. It’s a matter of discerning evil. We can’t rightfully judge a conflict without knowing evil.

Nazi Germany was evil. It’s conscience was based on hatred of Jews and a racist, genocidal domination of the world by paranoid, racist madman. That’s an evil. War against that evil was justified, even with civilian deaths, deliberate or otherwise, even with the millions of German children that died. That great evil had to be confronted, fought, and destroyed lest it consume the whole world and the Jewish people cease to be.

Friends, today in the West, the political left doesn’t wish to acknowledge the existence of evil, let alone discern it from goodness. We like to pretend that everything’s equally good and bad. A world of mucky grays with no great evil, no great goodness. “Who am I to judge?” is the repeated motto for the golden value of tolerance. No one stops to ask whether it’s right to tolerate evil, because we don’t like to even think about evil. We pretend it doesn’t exist.

There’s an escalated conflict between Israel and Hamas going on right now. It appears war will break out in the next day or two. Is there a right and wrong here? Is there a good? An evil?

  • One group of people love Zion (Jerusalem) and desire peace for Israel. It’s even in our religious texts.
  • The other group’s very existence is predicated on hatred of Israel and its total destruction. Read their charter yourself. It wishes the genocide of Jews in democratic Israel, replace her with an Islamic theocracy called Palestine.

So forget all the hype and propaganda and tweets and liveblogs for a moment. Set that all aside and consider the morality of the conscience and motivations of Israel and Hamas. Then you decide who’s in the right.

If you believe Jews in Israel should be killed and an Islamic theocracy setup their place, and that dissenters should be shot in the back of the head without due process, you should absolutely defend Hamas and #freegaza of the “Zionist occupier.” That’s what these people believe:


But if you believe that murder of Jews in Israel is a great evil, if you believe an Islamic theocracy is bad for humanity, the replacement of Israel an evil proposition made by religious madmen, then you must come to the conclusion that Israel is not only right to defend herself from rocket attacks, but she must also summon the moral courage to confront, fight, and destroy the evil group that is Hamas, despite what the naysaying, obscene, morally blinded world shouts from their peanut galleries.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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