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All natural, bro! Why Yeshua’s disciples must put away medical quackery

brain-salt-lA lot of my religious friends are suspicious of modern medicine. They turn to natural supplements, alternative medicines and treatments, cure-alls and elixirs.

Some of the zealous ones might even try to sell you some, or better yet, get you involved in a multi-level marketing scheme where you can sell it to your friends and family.

It gets worse.

Some of these folks will go beyond just pushing their elixirs and natural treatments and go into Warrior Zealot mode: personalizing the fight against “Big Pharma”, vaccines and medications, making it a religious issue to stand against the great evil that is modern medicine.

These religious people look at modern medicine as the Amish look at technology: a big evil that hurts mankind more than it helps. They embark on elaborate conspiracy theories about “Big Pharma”, and, despite having little or no medical training, they make wild, unfounded medical claims and perpetuate false facts about medicine.

Fine disciple of Yeshua, is this you?

[E]verything that comes out of a large Pharmaceutical company seems to be ok in the eyes of everyone. To me everything that is natural does help,  plants are very intelligent and all we need is in front us even growing at our doorstep,  but the big “guy “ want the money so they change it around.. Remember the case in south’s Africa where farmers where able to grow their own medicine for aids then the big guys come along and want to sell the expensive version made by them, they also arranged to forbid framers to keep growing the natural version. Would you support such behaviour?

Just look at GMo food.

microwaves its harmful to us and the environment but still on the market,  so how can I trust the so called testing institutes?

In addition I have three doctors that have tested the ASEA well for me… that’s why I am taking it.  With a method you would not approve but the only one I do accept. Called applied Kinesiology and a computer that works on your meridians. I am using my body to tell me what is good for me or my cat, as they can be trusted.

In Russian hospitals they heal people from cancer with Grabovoi and Petrov methods,  but would your institute approve.?

Look at the vaccine,  your institutes allow stuff in vaccines that are  very harmful to children e.g. vaccine grows on cancer cells and GMO cells.  How will the children’s children  who got the GMO vaccines look after their birth ? As you know there is also Mercury in the vaccine does your institute take it out? No ? Why? Cause they are too scared going against the big guys.  As they have the money..

Look at the vaccine study about mercury … the first study said its harmful,  the pharmaceutical company said to the guy:  no not good do it again. He changed it w, but as still not good enough and the third one which said Mercury is actually good for children was published.   That doc was promoted to a high job in Brussels. In similar cases where the docs don’t do what they are told, they have lost jobs….   So you want to tell me I can trust your testing methods   ?

And bloodletting can be good,  its depending on the problem you have and what type of person you are again,  again you need to ask your body computer for what’s best to you. .


The above is an excerpt from a letter sent to, a popular blog that highlights abuses in the alternative medicines community. In the letter, the female author makes the case for quackery and argues against science-based medicine.

What’s wrong with the letter?

  • Paranoia and conspiracy theories abound.
  • Wrong facts. Vaccines don’t contain mercury and are not grown on GMO cells, the statements about AIDS in Africa are blatant lies, microwaves are safe, Russian hospitals don’t have magical cures for cancer, etc.
  • The natural fallacy (“plants are intelligent”?!)
  • She fails to understand the need for scientific studies. 
  • Cites debunked medical quackery like applied kinesiology  and a computer that works on your meridians!

I think many of my religious friends, Christian and Messianic followers of Jesus, would likely sympathize with this letter. So many of us have been fooled into buying the “secret knowledge” of alternative medicines. It’s tempting to think you have a great secret most of the world is blind to. How glamorous, then, to be a Zealot Warrior for said secret knowledge?

Sadly, those who benefit most from alternative medicines and cure-alls are the shady elixir peddlers and multi-level marketers. And their bank accounts.

Religious people are taken advantage of. Too many of us are gullible, because we want to believe.

If we fall for medical quackery, it hurts our credibility and more importantly, our message about Yeshua. How can people take us seriously when we are acting like an insane person, going on and on about “Big Pharma” conspiracy theories, and shouting that lemon grass will cure cancer?

Doctors, nurses, clinicians, researchers -- these people devote their lives to understanding disease and helping people live longer. But to the Medical Quack Zealot Warrior, they’re seen as nameless, faceless "Big Pharma", an evil organization that staged a coup d'etat and ousted all the natural healers.

Fine Kineti readers, consider that in the age of "natural healers" (shamans, medicine men, magic elixir vendors), the human lifespan rarely surpassed 40 or 50. In the age of modern medicine, humans today regularly live past 80 or 90, and that number is only rising.

Friends, the truth is, I'd be dead without modern medicine. Literally. I had appendicitis when I was an adolescent, and without surgery and modern medicine, my appendix would have ruptured and gone septic, sending me into peritonitis and shock, and death. Modern medicine saved my life.

My father has high blood pressure through genetic inheritance. There was a point he was coughing up blood; modern medicine lowered his blood pressure and he lives a normal life today.

I bet many of you have similar stories.

Modern medicine has problems. We haven’t solved all diseases, many medicines have adverse side effects, human suffering goes on. But the encouraging this is, medicine is evolving. Fast. We’re getting better at this, and at a very rapid rate.

Friends, this isn’t evil. This isn’t “Big Pharma.” This is human civilization advancing, taking dominion over the world God placed us in. And it’s probably going to save your life one day. Our credibility and our message about Yeshua is diminished when we discard modern medicine in favor of fables.

Science-based medicine. It’s a wonderful thing for us religious people.

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