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The ugly things religious people say

In Why Yeshua’s disciples must put away medical quackery, I argued that Messianics should embrace modern medicine, putting away the “all natural” cure-alls, elixirs, and other medical quackery that has…afflicted many in our movement.

This touched a nerve with many of you fine Kineti readers.

One commenter said,

I can't believe you are defending this issue. Guess you'd have been one of those calmly walking into the Nazi 'showers'. Many of the companies that made the gas for those showers now make our fertilizers. Big Pharma is part of the depopulation agenda. What part of steal, kill, and destroy do people not get?

I replied, “I’m going to forgive you for saying that.”

His response was,

And not only would you walk into the showers, you'd tip the gaurd. You'd write home 'the waters fine come on over'. Because that is essentially what you are doing by promoting drug companies that came out of Nazi corporations.


I’ll have to add that to the long list of nasty things religious people have said to me.

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