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How I Spent My Halloween

I’m no fan of Halloween, really. I’m no rigid moralist, mind you. I’ve heard Christians argue why Halloween is acceptable for Jesus’ disciples; likewise I’ve considered the arguments against it.

This year, instead of doing Halloween, I decided to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children with a group of other Messianics from several congregations in the Minnesota and Wisconsin area.


That’s me on the left, and my brother on the right, who’s apparently flashing some sort of creepy gang symbol.

Halloween turns out to be a good night to volunteer; while the whole of the US was handing out candy to well-off American kids, there was a sweetened irony as Messianics engaged in packing meals for starving African kids. +1 all around.

Volunteering at Feed My Starving Children is a great way to help a charitable cause without money. Show up, and they’ll put you to work shoveling rice, plopping dry foods into containers, measuring meal amounts and weights, sealing bags, boxing meals. Something for everyone, even young kids can help. And it’s one of those real, tangible things you can contribute to the Kingdom, bringing honor to Yeshua’s name through it.


  1. Thanks for sharing and for demonstrating what it is to be a disciple of Jesus.

  2. We didn't do anything at all on Halloween, but when my daughter and I went to our Girl Scout service unit annual campout, rather than participating in the trick or treating, we opted to take a walk and make SWAPs (Girl Scout custom of making a tiny craft and attaching a safety pin to it - Something With A Pin) for breast cancer patients. The founder of Girl Scouts died of breast cancer and she was born on 10/31. It was nice to do something positive in the midst of everything else.


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