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Judah’s Gone Fishin’

Yes, my annual vacation to the Great Outdoors. No electronics, no internet, no bloggin’ for you fine floggin’ bloggin’ readers. I’ll stop that now.

But yeah, I’m out all week. This is actually a pre-recorded message. It might even be ghost-written. Cue X-Files music.

I’m hoping to have pictures of some whopper fish to share with you all. Maybe me with a nice walleye catch. Or a giant muskie? On the other hand, I could be skunked. Who can predict where the fish will be?

If only Messiah could tell me which side of the boat to cast my line…

Until the weekend, fine blog readers.


  1. Sage advise I've found to be true:

    If the turtles are sunning, the fish aren't biting.

    And the corollary is often true, also:

    If the turtles are swimming, the fish probably aren't biting then, either.

    When I want fish, I go to a fish market. ;-)


  2. > If only Messiah could tell me which side of the boat to cast my line…


    Hope you're having a great time!

  3. Hi, Judah,
    You are doing a wonderful service with Chavah radio. Here is sit in London, England, and I can access the best and latest (as well as oldest) of the Messianic music phenomenon. Thank you!
    Just a suggestion - why don't you find a way to get a commission on the tracks that people buy through your 'buy' links? The labourer is worthy of his hire, a wise rabbi once said.

  4. Woohooo, Daniel, it's very encouraging to hear this. Thanks!


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