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Messianic music: Sprinkle Clean Water

I’m really digging Messianic musician Micha’el Ben David’s music:

Micha’el Ben David plays “Sprinkle Clean Water on Me” (Ezekiel 36:25-32)

I was first introduced to Michael a few years ago when he played music with my younger brother in Jerusalem:


I’ve learned a few of his songs on the guitar, which are now up on the Messianic Music Chords stash:

And of course, his tunes are streaming on Chavah, the best Messianic radio on the web. </shamelessPlug>

More of his music videos at

Good shabbat, fine blog readers!


  1. He's no Milli Vanilli! But he certainly is better than I.


  2. His latest songs are by far the best yet. They are worshipful. Shiru L'Adonai is an great example.
    I hope he keeps writing music as it is gettting better and better!


  3. I highly recommend that you go to where one can view all of the wonderful music and videos that this talented man has produced.


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