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It’s good to have unity in the Messianic movement

Just had a Shavuot celebration with multiple Messianic congregations from the Twin Cities joining us and celebrating with our congregation.

Something very right about Messianics not fighting, not nitpicking each other over various theologies, not battling about correct theology, for once.

Just celebrating God’s feast together, Jews and gentiles.

Man, it was so right.

I wish the blog world were more like the real world!

Chag sameach Shavuot!


  1. Glad you had a wonderful time. I imagine that if you got all of us "fine bloggers" in one room and had a party, we'd be pretty well behaved, too. ;-)

  2. "I wish the blog world were more like the real world!"

    That would be truly scary. I mean, at least people don't kill each other for real in the blog world just because of their religion or ethnicity. Perhaps it would have been much better if it would be the other way around and the real world was like the blog world!


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