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Behold, My Whopper

I promised a few pictures of me and my whopper fish!


Err, well, size doesn’t matter, right?

We did catch a few nice pan fish:


I’m even good with a knife! (Leman, you need circumcision?)

Thar be dragons in these wood! At our campsite, we ran into both black bear and ‘coon. (Yes, ‘coon. Sounds more authentically hick when I spell it that way. Thumbs up)

Also got to cross the headwaters of the Mississippi. Here we’re crossing where the mighty river starts flowing. And, if you’ll notice the large creature in the background, we apparently caught a sasquatch on film to boot!


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There ya have it, fine blog readers. We now return you to our regularly scheduled program.


  1. I hate to admit this, but the first instant I read the title of this blog post, the whole Weiner scandal popped into my head.

    Then I remembered you went fishing. ;-)

  2. James, such a dirty mind you have.

    But c'mon now, if I had to pull a Weiner, I'd need a blog layout with larger dimensions to display the full extent of my girth.


  3. Judah, your blog's layout already stretches 100% on screens of any size...hmmm...

  4. What can I say, my girth is unfathomable. ;-)

  5. But c'mon now, if I had to pull a Weiner, I'd need a blog layout with larger dimensions to display the full extent of my girth.

    ...or your imagination. ;-)

  6. Next time you take picture do it not in front of a fish market where you bought them fish?......LOL!

  7. Hey now, I caught them there fishes with my handy dandy leeches, don't you short-change me, Benzvi!

  8. Judah:

    Haha, keep that filet knife to yourself!

    I am reminded of an outing in the first year of our marriage (1990). We had bought a filet knife at Walmart. It was my first time fishing as an adult (and it was in Lake Michigan). I had a nice perch and it was still alive (in the water bucket). I thought I would decapitate it quickly.

    The knife (brand new) was dull and I kept sawing and the dang fish would not cut! My wife was way grossed out. We found a stout stick and whacked the poor fish to death to end its misery. Then we got a knife out of the kitchen that actually worked and finished the job.

    That experience almost kept me from ever fishing again.

    Derek Leman

  9. Thanks for the visual, Derek. That recommits me to sticking to sushi at my local Japanese restaurant.

  10. Hahah, great story.

    I've told others, cleaning fish, especially when they're still alive, is almost enough to make me go vegetarian.

  11. that next to last picture is a perfect photobomb =-)

  12. Jon,

    Already submitted it to the various meme sites! :-)


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