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Roman La’voy Wood has been raptured!

A little amusement for your weekend, fine blog readers.

Roman La’Voy Wood, a popular Messianic and folk musician, just posted this on Facebook:

Don’t let Armageddon catch ya’ll sleepin’!


Bonus: he links to a fabulous Rapture song.


  1. I'm on the lookout for UNITE to show up!

    Since Hanegraaff says it's not the mark of the beast: I'm getting it sqaure on the forehead. As the man says, "I'm not afraid to show I'm a good citizen!"

    {just kidding, folks--post-trib has been vindicated :) }

  2. The letter, 'What Do You Say to a False Prophet? – Harold Camping' includes:

    "You must submit to some ecclesial authorities, preferably from the Christian Reformed Church from which you schismatically departed, or a community of like weight...."

    A couple of quotes from a Christian Reformed Church 'Stretching on the Sabbath' sermon:

    "This title: 'Son of Man' is much debated, but in the very least, it means that Jesus is claiming the authority of King David, he's allowed to bend the normal Sabbath observation."

    "Jesus is flaunting his Sabbath violation here, right in the face of the Pharisees."

    It's standard ~Jesus was a Torah-transgressor~ (*sinner*, by God's Word definition) and man's doctrines of trinity, Sunday-Christmas-Lent-Easter of the Universal Church and it's apostate daughters!



  3. Um, so your clothes don't get raptured with you? There's so much I need to learn!

  4. Woah! No clothes in the rapture? I vote for modesty.

    Stick around, the earth is His footstool; Yerushalyim is Royal City.


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