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Dear World…

99.9999% of Christianity doesn’t believe the rapture is coming this weekend.
Don’t drink the crazy uncle’s Kool-Aid.
Just sayin’.


  1. Raptural Science - Raptureology - won't get off the ground.

    I've been telling that joke like there's no tomorrow ;-)

  2. It's the end of the world and R.I.P. until resurrection and Judgment -- for all who die today.


  3. Where do we ask for a refund for the tickets we bought? Can we return the suitcases back to the store now?......

  4. I feel sorry for all of Camping's followers who trusted him instead of God. I also am concerned about how Camping has damaged the rest of us as well as God's reputation. I agree Judah, most of the world thinks all people of faith are exactly like Camping. He hasn't done anyone any favors.

  5. Nice letter, but as Elliot Klayman replied on Dr. Dauermann's blog, false prophets don't repent, they rationalize and keep on going.


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