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Vine of David’s defense of Yeshua

Much effort has been made in some church circles to distance Christians from the Jewish foundations of their faith—yet even more has been done in regards to defaming Yeshua as the Messiah within Judaism. Every Messianic prophecy concerning the Messiah has been reinterpreted or challenged; the extremes of anti-Semitism within the church have been consistently presented; the anti-Jewish and anti-Torah doctrines that developed Christian understandings have been used against us (and Yeshua); and a general suspicion has been planted in the Jewish mind regarding the motives of believers.

To assist in defending Yeshua to Jewish people and authenticating our faith from a Jewish view of Scripture and through Jewish sources, we spend great effort to define or defend core beliefs and the tenets of our faith.

-Boaz Michael on the purpose of Vine of David organization, from the November 2010 Messiah Magazine

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