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Weekly Bracha 26

Better late than never, this week in the Messianic blogosphere, plus related items:

  • There is no excuse to not be serving the Son of David now – Stuart Dauermann on Yeshua and his active, here-and-now kingdom.

  • Helen Thomas announces retirement – Famed left-wing reporter Helen Thomas resigns after making a public remark that Jews ought to leave Israel and go back to Europe.

  • Separated at birth? – Speaking of Helen Thomas, Aussie Dave wonders…
  • When it's impossible to observe a commandment, do you give up? – Dan Benzvi highlights an analogy from Chofetz Chaim:

    Imagine a person walking along the seashore, who sees that the sea has washed ashore precious gems. Would such a person-even if he were wealthy- refrain from picking up any gems because he knows it will be impossible to gather them all?

  • Justified by love? – Darren speaks out on the recent announcement of a popular Christian singer coming out as a lesbian, and how her justification results from a lack of foundation in Torah.

  • Torah and Gentiles – Is Torah for Jews only? Efrayim asserts that God’s commandments are indeed for gentiles attaching themselves to the God of Israel.

  • Did Yeshua affirm his messianic identity at his trial? – Derek Leman dissects the account of Yeshua’s trial in the 4 gospels, addresses modern critical interpretations, and shows how the gospels harmonize in the point that Yeshua indeed confirmed his messiahship.

  • Why Give Tzedaka – Yahnatan asks his Messianic readers their motivations for giving to charity.

  • Temple, sacrifices, diets fulfilled in Christ – Hank Hanegraaf, the famed Christian Bible Answer Man, just can’t understand why so many people, even Christian Evangelicals, are keeping the Torah.

Jewish Book of the Month club (J-BOM):


  • Messiah's Sabbath work – Yeshua healed on the sabbath. He justified this using humanitarian and theological arguments. Derek Leman dissects this, and shows that even God himself is active on the sabbath.

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  1. Your link to Dan Benzvi's blog is invalid, just letting ya know! :)

  2. I tried to leave a comment on Hank's blog and guess what, he wouldn't print it! Now what do you suppose I could have said to upset him?

    Tuesday and Wednesday Brad Scott was here teaching. Great stuff. If you ever get a chance to see him it would be worth the time.


  3. Google account working sporadically, hence the anonymous.

    Hank did finally put my comment on his blog. Probably a moderator clone and not Hank himself.

    There is also another good comment there that points out the obvious fallacy of the typical Christian position on the subject of obedience versus "freedom".

    Maybe it will blossom into a real conversation.


  4. I left a comment on there too. I think that if we try to show fellow Believers that holding to the position that "in Jesus the Law has been fulfilled" and by that they mean that the Torah's been done away with that it completely discredits Yeshua as a true teacher from God.

    I think if people realize how important it is to rethink these issues, maybe they will, you know, rethink them!

  5. Still not working. Must be something I'm doing.

    Daniel C,

    Nice comment on Hank's blog. I hope he tries responds to what you said since that would provide some incredible contortions.


  6. Good stuff, guys.

    @Efrayim, we actually hosted Brad several months ago at our Messianic fellowship. He spoke on how the secular world has painted religious people as illogical and foolish, and what we can do about it. It was a great teaching.


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