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Evolution of CmdMent

An evolutionary look back at how far we’ve come with the Greatest Commandments Project. Be astounded, be amused, fine blog reader, while you behold the small beginnings and vast glory of everyone’s favorite carefully-crafted command-line commandment copying console app.

It started off with the vague image in my mind. I whipped up a little MSPaint and I was golden:


Oh yes, MSPaint. FTW.

Then I put together something maintainable; I wrote a piece of software to string together a commandment hierarchical image given a dataset describing blah blah blah you skipped all this didn’t you:


And with that software in place, we could start quickly whipping out the mitzvot mayhem:




Things were really coming together, and I even had one of you fine blog readers helping out and contributing to the Greatest Commandments Project by mapping additional commandments:



The hierarchy was getting a little large, so we decided go from ovals to rounded rectangles, thus saving a good deal of width:




And, drumroll please, we’ve finish at step 13. Behold, the glorious current state of the Greatest Commandments Project:

CommandmentsHierarchy13Thumb[4](Click for full size)

Whew boy we’ve come a long way.

But we’ve got yet longer still to go! Stay tuned for some more GCP goodness in the near future.

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