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Hatikva Ministries In Need of Your Help

Hatikva Ministries needs your financial help.

I’m a big fan of supporting your local starving Messianic. While I give primarily to my local congregation, I also give to causes in need.

Hatikva is one such cause.

Longtime Messianic blogger Darren writes,

A few days ago I received the following letter from Joseph Good of Hatikva Ministries. They are in serious financial need, to the point of losing everything. I have met Mr. Good on a few occasions and recently met his wife and daughter. I have grown from his teachings. I have seen his heart. Please read this letter and consider doing what you can by way of tzeddikah to help fellow believers and a wonderful ministry survive. Hashem’s hands can only be seen through ours in situations like these.

You can donate through their site,

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