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Tasty Falafel

Some amusing tweets coming in today from IDF soldier Joshua, who is spending some off-time in the US:

  • 11:00am: Off to ‘Life in Hell: A Journalist’s Account of Life in Gaza with Mohammed Omer’ at the Palestine Center in DC.

  • 12:00pm: At the Palestine Center in DC to hear from Mohammed Omer.

  • 1:00pm: Just got free falafel! Go Palestine!

  • 1:30pm

  • 1:45pm: It’s hard to be a Zionist when they serve falafel!

  • 2:00pm: Almost got lynched at the Palestine Center. At least I got free falafel.

  • 3:00pm: Apparently they didn’t like my question regarding the Goldstone report accusing Hamas of war crimes.

  • 3:00pm: I was booed and people started to scream at me.

Hey, at least he got some free, tasty falafel out of it. :-)


  1. HAHAHA, ANYTHING for free falafel!!! =) that's some goof stuff.

  2. Falafel is good but I was in a Jewish home one morning recently and the mother of the home made French Toast on Halla bread! TALK ABOUT FRIGGIN AWESOME!

  3. I agree--Challah French toast is where it's at!


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