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To Jeremiah M and Aaron H

I know both of you guys read the Kineti blog, and that both of your little noggins are filled with zooming theological musings that need a permanent home on the intarwebs. A blog is the answer.

Just make sure it doesn’t look like this.


WELCOME TO MY BLAGHZ! :-) :) :-D :| :( :( ;) :c) (:


it is the besit internetz site on the whoel wided world!!!!1111oneoneeleven

 0003x 0073 0023  angela_hovering_with_pixie_harp_md_wht  Animated_cross_stand_glow_hg_whtanimated-doveark-floating  baranLG cross_animated.22155717_stdAngel_on_carouseljewishstar cup_cross_bread_glowing_lg_clr edtorah jcansing  spinningCross wrhanu07

Animated .GIFs are teh evilz. And so is scrolling marquee text. And the <blink> tag. Now go have a good weekend, and find yourself a blog.


  1. I disagree about all animated images being bad:

  2. Darn,
    I was really looking froward to having spinning glittery crosses, and neon purple mogen Davids!

  3. Judah:

    Can you translate some of this for the non-tech?


    Blaghz? Is that a joke about people who can't spell posting junk on the web?

    Can you give a link where I can see a blog or web page that is as atrocious as this?

    I think your blog post is hilarious and i am just not quite happenin' enough to get it.

    Derek Leman

  4. Yeah, Derek, just having some fun. There is no such thing as the intarwebs or the blaghz.

    To see some site that is atrocious as this, just visit derek4messiah.wordpr.... ;-)

    Seriously, a lot of religious sites are absolutely hideous. See GIFs law of the crazies and the comments to that post for more info. And for solid rebuke of religious abominations in tech, see Heal Your Church Website.

  5. Hi Judah,

    I was trying to find your email on the contact list because I'm trying to email you but it doesn't pop up. Is there a place I can go to find it without it being posted publicly on the internet?

  6. PH,

    Ah, what, you don't like these AWESOME ANIMATED IMAGES from the web? And here I was going to decorate the blog with them. The angel-on-a-pony one especially.



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