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It is shabbat (and the end of Passover)…

This shabbat I’m the guy playing the music for our Bible study meet up. I love when I get to do this!

I picked out a few of my personal favs this week:

  1. Lamb – Dancing in Jerusalem
  2. Marty Goetz – Psalm 1
  3. Lamb – Many Will See It
  4. Israel’s Hope – I Want to Worship You
  5. Barry & Batya Segal – Hodu L’Adonai

Some good classics that you can really worship the Lord to!

Also, as the week of Unleaved Bread comes to a close, for your enjoyment dear blog readers, here are some snapshots of our Passover seder we did last weekend. We rented a cabin for the day and had about 40-50 folks celebrating Passover with us:

The leader's table 



We had lamb and the traditional Passover foods: charoset, bitter herbs, parsley, unleavened bread, some sneaked-in wine (thanks Wayne!). We had a Messiah-focused Passover service, and did some ministering and really worshipped the Lord in music and song to boot.

And thanks to Katie, Lydia, and all the folks that made this happen! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Hope you all had a fine Passover and Unleavened Bread week.
Shabbat shalom, fine blog readers!


  1. Nice Seder plate, I have the exact same one.

  2. This Sunday was Divine Mercy Sunday in much of the Catholic world. There is a special prayer invoking and praising God for his Divine Mercy as manifested in Yeshua. But in the end, the essential prayer of this devotion is: Yeshua I trust in You.



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