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On Critiques of Easter

Messianic apologist J.K. McKee posted 2 videos on Easter that explains what the real objection is to Easter. (It is not a rejection of Yeshua’s resurrection!)

J.K. also chides some of us Messianics for being too harsh on our Christian brothers during this time, telling us that celebrating Yeshua's life, death, and resurrection is not a sin, and too often we accuse Christians as such. There are many righteous Christians who are, pagan traditions aside, celebrating Yeshua's resurrection. Rather than a mean-spirited attack, we should be gracious and specific in our rebuke.


  1. Very interesting, it really depends on the church you go to. Our church and quite a few church who are known as Word of God churches, call Easter Sunday, Ressurection Sunday. On Good Friday, there would be a three hour service from 12.00 until 3.00 p.m. you came home and you have a fish meal. Good Friday was a day of remembrance and you stay at home. Reading up on Our Lord being crucified. He's humiliation, his beard being pulled out, 39 stripes, and what it meant.

    This Sunday, at our international Christian Centre, it was packed, we sang hymns, and there was a special dance and service started at 10.30 p.m and our pastor sermon was 'what happens to you five minutes after you die'. The story of Rich man and Lazarus, Luke 16:23 and according to pastor, the rich man and Lazarus is a true story.
    What you do in this world, depends on how you spend eternity. Hell is a place of emotional torment and physical torment and you know all the missed opportunities, you should have accepted God and they would see people in heaven. We who have had dramatic experiences, would not remember. He said it is very difficult to get into hell. God does not put us in Hell, we put ourselves. While the rich man died, he went straight to hell, so even though he had a grand funeral, he was already in hell.

    The bible did not mention that Lazarus was buried, he was put in a mass grave, but he went to Abraham's bosom, so he got a life of luxury. He explained Abraham's bosom means that he had a place of honour. A very solid story, and it makes you think very carefully of the choices you have to make.

    As I say again, it really depends on what church you go to.

  2. Valerie,

    Yeah, I hear you. I understand not all Christians are into the elements that have nothing to do with Messiah -- the eggs, the rabbits, etc.

    Whatever one says about Easter, we must stress the importance of Passover: Paul told gentile Corinthians to keep the Passover. More importantly, God told us to keep His Passover eternally, and Messiah kept it and told us to celebrate Passover in remembrance of Him.

  3. Thank you Judah and next year, I want to have a passover meal. I do like this blog, because it helps me learn a lot more about the life of the anoited one of God.

  4. It is so hard to not react to the origins of the holidays, especially when you are chastised for keeping the biblical feasts. That being said, as time goes on, I find myself less condemning of it. It is funny, but those who should be most understanding about wanting to do Easter and Christmas (ie, those who did it last year) are often the most critical. While it is true that we can learn a lot from Yeshua's words, we can learn even more from his walk. Shalom, Jeff.


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