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The Pooch

Over the weekend I turned my wife onto Paint.NET, the free, easy-to-use image editor that's a fine replacement for expensive tools like Photoshop.

Utilizing Paint.NET, my wife made this kind of funny psychedelic photo of our dog, Data.

I realized I've never uploaded a pic of my good old pooch despite mentioning him several times on the blog.

So here for your weekend enjoyment, and courtesy of my wife's photo-editing skill, say hello to my faithful hound, Data. Bow wow. Ruff.

Handsome pup, ain't he?

(And for the geeks, yes, Data is named after the Star Trek character.)

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.


  1. Judah,

    You have totally blown it for me! One Jewish custom that I have always thought to be very sensible is only allowing dogs outside the city gates...I'm a cat lover and dogs are okay as long as they live outside and don't jump on me or lick me. Of course, I live in a house full of dog lovers who think I am incredibly cold hearted in this attitude and now I can't even fall back on Jewish custom (something my boys respect a great deal)for support. It would help so much if I could say my Jewish blogfriend Judah agrees with me on this Biblical point and I am not making it up!;-}

    I'm teasing you but I'm not sure it is coming across like it should. I may be embarrassed when I read this in the morning...anyway, cute dog, for a dog that is...

  2. :) Far out, man. Kind of has that "Dee Lite - Groove Is In The Heart" kind of feel to it.

  3. Aw, Star Trek over Star Wars?!? You disappoint me! :-)

  4. Pam,

    Hahah. I was just laughing the whole time reading that comment.

    To be honest, I wanted Data to be an outdoor dog, but my wife overruled me. :-) Now, I recognize she was right; it's really nice having a loyal hound in the home where he can sit quietly next to you. :-)

    Gary, I'll have to pass that along to the wife. :-)

    Leckey, heheh, yeah me and Kristin are Star Trek fans first and foremost. My son Connor is more of a Star Wars fan, though. :-)

  5. Heheh. He has those lovable "are you looking at me?" eyes. :-) He's a good dog.


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