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It's a girl

So we had an ultrasound last night and found out our 2nd child will be a girl.

We're thinking Kess Ezriel Himango for the name. My wife's original girl name was Riona Sky Himango, but that got bad reviews from family and friends. :-)

I'm pretty excited. Never been through the baby stage myself (I adopted my son at 4 years old), so it will be interesting. :-) This bun won't be done cookin' for a few more months yet, though, so I'm waiting patiently.

Shabbat shalom.


  1. Congrats, Judah!

    Ignore what the family says - if they dont' like it, they'll have plenty of time to come up with fun nicknames to use instead. ;-P

  2. Hey Josh,

    Thanks man!

    You know, I told my wife the same thing. I said, "Who cares what they think? Don't worry about it."

    But alas, she caved. :)

    It's OK though, I like Kess Ezriel better than Riona Sky.

    Take care man.

  3. Congratulations Judah...I wish I knew how to do a :jig: icon in blogger.

    Boy, your world's about to get shaken a good way :)

    And some advice for the future - A teenage girl is the way God teaches a father patience.

  4. Thanks Gary.

    And some advice for the future - A teenage girl is the way God teaches a father patience.

    Hahah. I once again recognize your wisdom there. :)

  5. Congrats! I do have to say your pick is kind of Hippie for this part of the country; but then again, I've seen a girl named "Lennon" in MN. As long as she's healthy, right?!?

  6. That's so awesome. Congratulations to you and your wife! I think both of those names are very pretty. Is your son excited to be a big brother?

  7. Leckey,

    The original "Riona Sky" name I thought was hippie for sure. Oddly, several friends and family told us it sounded like a "black name". :-p

    I think Kess Ezriel sounds beautiful. Kess is short and easy and feminine, and Ezriel is a beautiful Biblical name meaning "God is my help".

  8. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks. Connor is pretty excited. He wanted a girl to balance the family: right now we have 2 females (my wife and our cat) and 3 males (me, Connor, our dog Data). So he wanted a girl to balance it out.



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