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All Situated

Got a table-clamping computer monitor stand, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and wireless headphones this weekend.

Raison d'être?

Now I can compute from the couch! Ah...

...bliss. :-)


  1. Ahh, the good life. All you need now is a little mini-fridge beside the couch and you would have it all. :) Maybe you train a dog to fetch you stuff out of the fridge like they have on the beer commercials.

  2. Heheh. My dog Data is lazier than I am, so that wouldn't work. ;-)

  3. My wife Kristin has had her computer stand with swiveling monitor on her couch for 2 years now, and she loves it.

    It's kind of nice now that we can compute next to each other. :-)

    Geek love!


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