Hollywood influence worldwide

Myself and an Indian man having a half-serious conversation over at CodeProject:

Vunic: The planets may actually have an impact on people or anything on earth. Most of us would think that these planetary control thingie is ridiculous but we may have to believe it soon. Because, even the moon control the tides, the ocean->a liquid, a thing in the same state inside our brain controls our stability. And so schizophrenic patients go mad2 on these moon-controlled days-> Full moon day and new moon day. And that's why the Christians have made a link between their werewolves, vamps and the moon.

Me: Huh? I don't think that's a Christian thing, Vunic. The Christians I know of look at werewolves, vamps, and that kind of thing as scary movie material, not reality.

But in old scriptupres dont we see sainthoods holding a cross against a werewolf? or I saw them in vanhelsing lol.

You saw it in Van Helsing. Ahhh...good old Hollywood shaping our view of the world.

(Have a great Sabbath folks - time to relax from work! Thank God for that -- that's one commandment I always enjoy; God knew what he was doing with Sabbath! Now, if only I could pick His brain about those werewolves...

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  1. Ah-ooooooo

    I was going to respond to him in pretty much the same way, but you beat me to it. Have a wonderful Sabbath.

  2. Heheheh...thanks Gary, take care, have a great weekend.

  3. He said Old Scriptures. Where are werewolves and a cross in the Tanach? Oh boy, hollywood. Shabbat Shalom!!

  4. Read the books by Dr. Rebecca Brown if you want some perspective on werewolves and the occult. Just because we don't see some things in this country, doesn't mean they don't happen.

  5. Anonymous, I do believe that there exists evil in the world, including demonic forces. I do believe folks have seen and heard demons. I include myself in this category, as I've seen 2 supernatural things in my life.

    I don't dismiss these things as many do. At the same time, we must be cautious of claims and examine them with all intellectual honesty.

    No one believes werewolves exist in the natural. Dr. Brown claims to have encountered a demon that took that shape, but no Christians, to my knowledge, believe such things exist in the natural.

    It certainly isn't Scriptural that such things exist. The only thing Scriptural is that demons do exist and do appear in the natural to possess things. Perhaps Dr. Brown encountered such a thing, I can't really comment as I don't know her personally and haven't investigated her claims intellectually.

  6. Judah - just discovered your blog. I am a Catholic and left a more relevant comment in your older post on Roman Catholics. I respect Messianic Jews. God Bless in your journey.


  7. RE: Anonymous,

    I did some research on Dr. Rebecca Brown and it appears there is much doubt about her claims. See The truth about Rebecca Brown for example.

    That said, I won't make a judgment of her claims, only to say there is room for doubt.

  8. Response to Dr. Brown comment,

    The comment was just to keep an open mind, not to throw it out. Most things that we see in myth and legend have some truth to them. The natural and the supernatural run side by side.

    Where I take everything she says in her books with a grain of salt, I have seen some of the things that she mentions. I could not even begin to count the supernatural experiences that I have had, including seeing angels and demons.

    Part of the reason that we don’t experience the supernatural is that we don’t want to see it. If we see it then there really is something larger than ourselves. Then we have to really question what it all means. Most people are not willing to confront those questions. It really comes down to the belief in sin or not, the same as evolution. If sin is real then I have to account for mine.

    As for the rebuttal pages, I’ve seen them. Most of those sites criticize everything and end up believing in nothing. Most tend to be cessationists and do not believe in any manifestations of spiritual activity today. I’m sorry but experience outweighs twisting of scripture. You can make scripture into many different types of views. It’s ONLY by the Spirit of God that we can understand any of it. 1Cor2:9-16

    Again that supposition is that satan is more powerful then God is. Because most cessationists attribute speaking in tongues today as being of satan. It’s a dangerous trail. But then so is believing in everything that you hear. Again the only way to truth is by God’s Spirit. Whom we have been given to guide us in to all truth. John16:13

    It’s kind of like faith without works. You can have faith, but without the evidence it becomes worthless. What good is it to believe the entire bible and yet not act on it. Furthermore, what good is it to believe and not have any interaction with the spirit realm? Your belief becomes a fantasy, or a southing fairytale. We must have the evidence of what we believe in our lives, does the scripture not say that the Jew requires a sign. 1Cor 1:22

    If there is no evidence, how is the Jewish community going to be returned to their Messiah. Suggest viewing sidroth.org

    BTW, I am a Messianic believer in New Jersey. Looking forward to some more conversation.

    Blessings in Messiah,

  9. Isquez,

    Thanks for posting that.

    Please note I'm not dismissing Dr. Brown's claims, only saying I'm not convinced either way; I'm noncommittal to her claims.

    That said, we agree there does exist spiritual forces, including angels and demons.