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State of Judea?

With the state of Israel becoming more and more like the nations, more secular, more worldly, and with the state giving away the covenant land like it were candy on Halloween, with its refusal to destroy the giant false-god altar sitting atop the now-destroyed Temple, there has been a movement among Jews and Christians to form a nation separate from Israel: the nation of Judea.

This movement has gained more support in recent times. 2 years ago, 8000 Jews were kicked out of their homes in Gush Katif, Israel, their homes then destroyed, and is now occupied by Palestinians. In the coming months, there will be a public announcement that all Jews living in the Judean hills, Samaria, and east Jerusalem must leave their homes, to be handed over to outsiders. An estimated 250,000 Jews will lose their homes in the name of yet another "land for peace" deal.

(Does anyone honestly think this will bring peace? Honestly?)

This destruction of Jewish homes and property is being done not by some anti-semitic Nazi state, but rather, it's being done by the secular state of Israel.

All of this in an attempt to appease the insatiable Arab thirst to take from Jews the land God gave to Israel 4000 years ago.

Israel as a nation has become increasingly corrupt, some might say racist; it has imprisoned the heroes that have stood up against the unrighteous "land-for-peace" policy, it has done little to prevent the Haredi/Ultra-Orthodox Jewish persecution of followers of Messiah, and it's policy of persecuting Palestinians rather than, say, making them Israelites or booting them if they're intent on destroying Israel, is a poor policy that has come to fruition in the mess we have now.

Cue the State of Judea:

Q: Why a 2nd Jewish State?
A: There are many answers to that question but the most direct and honest and simplest answer is that Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem are ours, with ours meaning belonging to the entire Jewish people only and we want a Jewish State, not a state of Jews.

Q: What about Palestine and the Palestinians?
A: All non-Jewish individuals will be given the option to stay in Judea as long as they swear allegiance to Judea, any resident not swearing allegiance will be removed from Judea's territory by order of the reigning Judean authority.

Q: Who is going to protect Judea?
A: Judea's citizens, Jewish and Christian volunteers.

Q: What about essential services?
A: All essential services already exist in Judea and Samaria; Judea and Samaria have everything and every service already from the Post Office to gas stations to industrial parks.

Q: What about the Palestinian Authority?
A: Once Judea is proclaimed, all agreements involving the areas in The State of Judea will have to be nullified and or renegotiated, the P.A. will be declared an enemy entity. All gentiles living in the areas annexed by the first government of the State of Judea will fall under rule by Judean law, which subscribes to Jewish law; mostly set out in the RAMBAM's Hilchot Mlachim, Shulchan Aruch, etc. All gentiles living in the areas annexed by Judea, will have an option to leave Judea if they so wish with 90% compensation paid to them for their property and businesses, less 10% which is designated as compensation to Jews who were expelled from Arab nations. Jewish law mandates human, civil and religious rights to gentiles, but not national rights, whatsoever. Gentiles so choosing to live in Judea, must be honored and respected and protected according to Jewish law.

Q. What about Christians, and other ethnic groups and religious faiths in Judea?
A: Christians do not explode themselves and they can also take a joke and the occasional poke at their beliefs, and do not threaten us with World War III, which these days that is an important thing to take into consideration. However though, Moslems and Arabs, and all of the groups present in what will be Judea have many, many great qualities, and traditions and mannerisms that are wonderful, and they must be respected and protected.

Interesting stuff. Rick, you're in Israel now, yes? What is your take on the idea of a Jewish state of Judea?

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  1. Not in Israel at the moment, but my heart is.

  2. Joel 4:2 I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Y’hoshafat [ADONAI judges] I will enter into judgment there for my people, my heritage Isra’el, whom they scattered among the nations; then they divided my land. CJB

    We should not divide the land G-d has given us! G-d not happy when nations divide His land (Israel).

  3. Rick, what do you think of a separate state? I've always had a heart for the land God gave to us, but the state of Israel, as it stands, is not Scriptural by any means.

    (For that matter, the Greek concept of democracy is not Scriptural either!)

    A state that is truly Jewish and hopefully Scriptural, filled with Jews, Christians and anyone else who swears allegiance to Judea sounds like a better place than what Israel is now. A Jewish state that doesn't give away land for peace would be one stronger than Israel.

    What an interesting symmetry: after King Solomon, the state of Israel split: unrighteous rebels in the north, called Ephraim/Israel, and the original nation in the south, renamed to Judah.

    Now we have a kind of a reverse: a possible rebellion against the secular Israel to form a more Jewish Judea.

    What do you think of this, Rick? (Feel free to disagree with me, I'm speculating in all this.)

  4. In regards to your 2nd post there, yes, we shouldn't divide God's land.

    Ironically, that is one of the motivations for Judea: Israel is dividing the land by giving it to foreigners. Judea would be sovereign and would not give it up to foreign nations.

    Still, there would have to be a division in Israel to create Judea. Interestingly, though, the proposed Judean borders are the pieces of land Israel plans to give to the P.A. next spring.

  5. Now that I think about it, would we be dividing the land if we are dividing it between ourselves? Kinda like making a new subdivision within what G-d has given us.

    I oppose giving land to the P.A. for peace.

  6. Yes, that's my take on it as well -- I think the "don't divide My land" commandment is telling us not to give it away to people other than the ones God promised it to: Israel. Dividing it amongst ourselves seems fine.

    That said, such a state would invariable cause conflict with Israel, at least initially, and probably deaths. It would have to know it to be God's doing before I back such a movement.

  7. Hey Rick, great post on your blog. I'm posting this here because it doesn't appear you've enabled comments on your blog.

    That Paul *kept* Torah and even proved it to those in Jerusalem is an amazing thing Christian folks often overlook. Thanks for the post.

  8. You can now add comments.

  9. I personally don't see it as a division of Land, since it is in Israelite hands, the division of the Land comes when it is given up to non-Israelites.

    This state is coming about in opposition to the "Palestinain" state. I see it as a prophetic event shadowing the rebellion of the Makabim (Maccabees).

    Also in the Tanakh, we find an instance when the tribe of Binyamin rebelled against the rest of Israel in the Land, and YHVH sustained them because they were righteous.

    I see this as the beginning (even if the state is not created, the spirit of all those religious Zionists in Israel) of the restoration of Ephraim and Judah back into one kingdom, under YHVH's servant David, Yeshua HaMoshiach, and under the Torah of HaShem, Baruch Hu.

    Rick, awesome to see you have a blog!! Will be reading it for sure.

  10. judah,

    I don't know dividing Israel against itself or within its self doesn't exactly sound right. My I refer to Luke 11:17 "...Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth." I pray to be able to visit Jerusalem someday. I do pray for Israel. So I guess my position of a new 'State of Judea' is I would be against it.

    God Bless,
    Jason Alexander

  11. Hi Jason, thanks for stopping by and posting.

    I think one problem right now is, Israel is already divided against itself; most of the land God promised to Avraham is occupied by the nations. The secular government is unscriptural and is doing things contrary to Scripture. As I mentioned in the post, thousands of Jews have had their homes destroyed, with a quarter of a million more coming next spring. Israel is not a unified house.

    So while I see a need for unity, I also question how far we should go in our support of Israel's current secular, un-Scriptural government. It either needs to change, or a new Scripture-based nation should be formed.

    I would have to be convinced this is from God before backing it.

    Going back to the days after Solomon, God said He divided the nation into 2 nations, Israel/Ephraim and Judah. To this day, Israel/Ephraim (the northern 10 tribes) have been absorbed into the nations, essentially becoming gentiles. The only physical Israelites remaining today are those from the southern nation of Judah, the Jewish people. The now-lost northern nation of Israel/Ephraim have been shown mercy, however, seeing as how Messiah brought 1/3 the whole gentile world back to the God of Israel.

    We now recognize God's awesome wisdom in his dividing so long ago.

    Likewise, if a new dividing is in His plans, then I trust God's awesome wisdom will come through yet again.

    Since the first dividing resulted in Judah (the Jews) being ignorant of Messiah, but opening the door to the gentiles -- many of which were lost Israelites/Ephraimites -- perhaps a 2nd dividing will result in the Jews seeing Messiah.

    I'm not yet convinced this state of Judea/Judah idea is from God, however. It's just an interesting concept at this point.

  12. I´m Christian and I support the State of Judea. God Bless You and your family and all jews.


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