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Vacation 2007 photos

Myself and my family took a 2 week vacation this summer out to a remote lake in northern Minnesota.

On the lake was a 2 acre (about 1 hectare) island with a single cabin on it. We rented that cabin and had a blast - great fishing, great scenery, beautiful landscape on a pristine, crystal clear lake in the middle of Minnesota's National Chippewa Forest.

I've uploaded some photos of the vacation to Flickr: Family 2007 summer vacation pics

(p.s. pardon the "I just woke up from 12 hours of sleep" look. When you're on an island for 2 weeks with no one around, personal appearance takes a back seat to relaxation. smiley)

I'll upload some video we took as well later this week or next.


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  1. Judah, those pictures are awesome. Your wife is very pretty, and your son is adorable.

    I hope to eventually get pics from the wedding up on my site sometime in the next decade.

  2. Hey Michelle

    I knew a post like this would lure you out of the lurker woods. :-)

    Kristin is really cute in those photos, isn't she? Connor and his non-stop funny faces is great too.

    Let me know when you get your wedding pics up.

    Catch you later. :-)

  3. Those are really cool and relaxing pix man, looks like you guys had an awesome time. And I want to congratulate you on being an awesome father and husband for Kristen and Conner. A real inspiration and role model for your little bro Aaron. :D

    And btw, I'll upload some music to your site soon.

  4. Hey that's cool Aaron, thanks man.

    Let me know if you upload that music. If you don't upload it by Shabbat, I'm going to kill you and/or vandalize Cub Bakery Cottage Grove. ;-)

  5. Nice photos Judah. Looks like you guys had a great time.



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