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Back from vacation

I'm not usually one to blog about mundane, day-to-day nonsense, but I'll make an exception here. You see, I'm back from 1 week of pure vacation. It was really great. Caught lots of fish, relaxed in hot tubs, pools, lounge chairs, beaches, kayaks, fishing boats. Best of all, no access to a single computer for me. As much as I enjoy tech and computers, it's nice to get away from all that for awhile.

Thank and praise God for fun vacations. Like a sabbath, but extended (sabbatical?). There ought to be a provision for them in Scripture.. heheh :cheers:


  1. Welcome back Judah,

    Where did you go on vacation? I don't think I will be vacationing this year. I switched jobs and I haven't built up enough leave time yet.

    P.S. Everyday is a "sabbath" for those who are in Christ :)

    Hebrews 4:9, Matthew 11:28-30

  2. Hey thanks Gary. Good to see you around, it's been awhile. How is your new job coming along?

  3. Judah,

    The new job is going well. It is kind of like coming home. I had worked there back in the early 90's. Here is a link to the website:

    I work in the Propulsion and Structures Directorate. Right now we have a bunch of summer students and we are trying to get some useful work out of them. It is kind of like herding cats. I guess I should put "catherder" on my resume.


  4. someone explain me the day of sabbath?heard a lot about him.offcourse in a layman language =)

    judah you didnt answer where did you go for vacation:)

  5. Wow, looks cool Gary. Glad it is going well for you.

    Adnan, a sabbath is a day of rest. I the Torah, God ordained 1 day a week as a day to take off from work, and simply rest. That day is the 7th day of the week.

  6. Oh, I went up to northern Minnesota, north of Little Falls, on a cabin on a big lake. It was really nice. :)

  7. nice and thanks for explaination.
    BTW does that Google Ads thingie work for you?I wonder I can apply for it as I am not sure it is for Pakistan or not.How do you get payment?via paypal?

  8. I was able to apply for free; it's a free service. I believe the payment can be setup with either snail mail check or paypal.

    It doesn't really work well unless you get tons of traffic. I've had the ads for about 10 months. In those 10 months, I've had about 9000 ad impressions, and 39 clicks. That means I've made a measily total of $3.71. I don't think there's any ads from Google that are purely cost-per-impression; if that were the case I might be making a little more money. Google will send you a check once you've made $100 or more.

    Oh well. I tried the ads mostly because I was curious about how much money is nettable; I didn't seriously think I would be making any real income off of them.

  9. Haha, check this out Judah, it's hilarious.

  10. hm!

    ok another OffTopic question.Remember once you asked me abot concept of Sins in Islam and I asked you to discuss on our personal blogs rather on codeproject.I am thinking to take initiative.what do tou think?let me give you chance to participate on my space rather on your own.I always come on your blog(i cant afford cab payments anymore :> ) so this time you would have to come *joke*

    not forcing you.I am just not going to discuss concept of Sin in religion but a general view that why Sins exist at first place.I might invite Christian garaus too so that he discuss his point.Since it wont be attack on each other religon,just a general discussion so i think it would be good for learning


  11. Cool, I'd love that Adnan. Let me know when you've got a post up, I'll come over.

  12. Good to hear you had fun :-)


  13. Thanks Nish! And thanks for visiting, always nice to see CPians stopping by. :-)


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