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Messianic Instrumentals

My younger brother, who, as previously mentioned, is a great guitarist, has put together some guitar instrumental recordings. Aaron wrote a few of these, both musical score and lyrics, and I believe my older brother Jesse helped out on some of the lyrics as well. I was really blown away by these instrumentals; it's apparent Aaron has a gift for these things. "Mountain" invokes emotions of endurance and struggling, "Rise Again" --which is easily my favorite--struck a chord for me, inciting a combination of soaring power with compassion and longsuffering, a perfect picture of our Messiah.

But I'll quit babbling now and point you to the instrumental samples. So here you go, for your listening pleasure:

Rise Again


Yehuda is Hebrew for "Judah", which is where the term "Jew" derives from.

Dra Chei Chah
Hebrew for "show me Your ways", a cover of Lamb's Dra-Chei-Chah.

Eli, Eli
Hebrew for "My God, My God", a cover of Lamb's Eli, Eli

Hear O Israel
This is a song my father recently wrote. The song is from Scripture, telling of the greatest commandment.

Hope you all enjoy.


  1. Hello Judah! My name is also Judah, however I am not Jewish. My parents wanted all their kids to have Bible names, and Judah is most definitly in the Bible. I just thought it was interesting that we share the same name. I know two Judah's. One is a dog, and the other is actually named after me, and is a boy of about 14 I believe. How I found your blog was a google search for 'Judah'. I had previously done a google search for Judah P. Benjamin who was a Jewish confederate soldier, I don't know what rank, in the civil war. Well, I have to go, but I just wanted to say 'hi' to a fellow 'Judah'.
    Have a great life!
    ~Judah C.
    P.S. I am also interested in music, although I play the viola.
    P.P.S. Did you know that 'Judah' also means Praise? I have always liked that. Bye!

  2. Hey, cool. Yeah, I haven't met any Judah's in real life until recently, a child in my son's school carries the name.

    And yeah, Judah means praise. Genesis 49, "Judah, your brothers will praise you..." :-)


  3. 29-31Jesus said, "The first in importance is, 'Listen, Israel: The Lord your God is one;.

    Does this not violate trinity?

  4. I'm glad I brought that up, it clarifies a something Muslims misunderstand about Christians.

    To answer your question, no; Christians don't believe there are 3 gods, only 1 God, the God of Israel.

    One thing to keep in mind, the word "trinity" does not appear in the New Testament, anywhere.

    You may be tempted to think, "Aha! Jesus isn't part of God after all! Woo, the Quran is right again!" Unfortunately for Islamic theology, Jesus said many times that no-one comes to God except by him (Jesus), and that Jesus was in the beginning with God (see John 1). Jesus even goes as far as to say that God is in Him, and that He is in God, and together they are one. Even further, Jesus made the truth-or-blasphemy claim that he is God's son. Quite more than a prophet, as you see.

    When some Christians say "trinity", they are referring to the parts of God: the Spirit of God, Jesus the Messiah who is God's son, and of course God our common Father.

    Even in the Old Testament (see Isaiah, for instance), it talks about the 7 spirits of God. And the Scripture we're talking about which says, "Hear, Israel, our God is one", the word for "one" there is the Hebrew "echad", which--to my understanding--is basically meaning a unity of components. It's similar to how we might say a married couple are "one".

    So despite this belief in the Messiah, Jesus, who is God over all and giver of peace, and blessings, and joy; the author of the universe, and spiritual king of Israel, Christians ultimately believe God is one and only, and Jesus is part of that.


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