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Goof around music jam with my brothers

There's a Messianic Hebrew folk song I enjoy, based off of one the Psalms of Jewish and Christian Scripture, that goes,

"I will talk to my brothers about God my father; together we'll sing his praises!" [download the Mp3]

Well, this is one of those literal cases where I'm actually singing some praises with my physical brothers. My younger brother Aaron -- a great guitarist --, and my older brother Jesse came over to my house a few weeks back to do a little goofing around with some music. We busted out the guitars, the amp, we played some fun songs about the Messiah -- Jesus! -- (and a few secular songs too), I sang terribly; we definitely had some good fun. Here's the video, enjoy.

(I'm the shaggy-haired guy with the green plaid shirt, by the way. )


  1. I will be the first to comment and congradulate myslef-- just kidding.

    That was really fun, we should record some more sometime. Hopefully, we can record a CD with Dan's recording equiptment. I've written about 3 or so songs lately, and me and Jesse are working on some more.

  2. That would be cool, I'd just have to sing a lot better. :-)

    Cool that you guys are writing some songs, I'd love to hear them. I've heard a couple of yours some time ago, you apparently have that gift of songwriting, bro. Excellent stuff.

    Talk to you soon.

  3. The post on Homosexuality you requested is up.

  4. Hey s_r, your bro is really talented! And I gotta say that I really do like your hair like that. I only watched the first 4 mins tho. Was your other brother in there?

  5. Yeah, he's there. Part ways through the video I point the camera over to him doing his Scott Stapp (from Creed) impersonation. :)

  6. Dear Aaron and Judah

    I listened to your music with tears streaming down. It was beautiful. Thank you for sharing and may God bless you, indeed.


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