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Retraction on yellow badges

In my last post, I posted about several stories going around about an Iranian law requiring all Jews and Christians to wear badges, marking them as such. Thank God it appears those reports are false.

Hey, I have no problem admitting wrong, and I was wrong to have posted something that turned out to be false. My fault.

Sorry folks. I'd like to especially apologize to Muslims who turned out to be right in this case: the Western press really was out to smear Islam. What a shame. My fault for contributing to that, my apology goes to the Muslim folks visiting this blog.

Better to admit when you're wrong, I'd say, then pretend you're right about everything. In this case, I was wrong. [feel free to throw fruit at me]


  1. Hi Judah, this a very good thing of you to admit that you were wrong, this is the real bravness,

    You said :

    the Western press really was out to smear Islam.
    They always does :), and there you know, just check the thing before believing.

    [feel free to throw fruit at me] .
    What kind ?, I don't have mellon right now :).

  2. Heh, moustafa, I appreciate the kindness you've showed, even though I was in the wrong.

    You know, I did check and there were several confirmation stories, plus many human rights groups around the world, even putting the issue before the UN!

    Well, in any case, I'm glad it's not true.

  3. *squirts ketchup at sub_reb*

    Hey, ketchup counts as tomato, right? And sorry for sort of butting into a conversation that I am not a part of, but I just couldn't resist the invitation ^_^

  4. Hey Michelle, glad you stopped by. Nice to hear from familiar people for once. :c)

    :wipes ketchup off of face, pulls out pepperoni gatling gun:

  5. *Thinks about throwing fried chicken. Eats it instead*


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