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Iranian Jews and Christians forced to wear badges

In my last post, I talked about how serious Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's views are: views that include destruction of Israel and Jews, violent overthrow of the West, and a good barrel full of fun Islamic extremist views to boot, including complete denial of the Holocaust. Toss in his publicly open vying for nuclear materials, and you've got a dangerous world situation on your hands.

If one could take Adolf Hitler and replace the term "Aryan" with "Muslim", you'd have Mr. Ahmadinejad, quite literally.

Well, today Mr. Ahmadinejad has just raised the stakes. In a thinly veiled ploy of religious persecution of non-Muslims, he's now imposing a law which requires all Jews to wear a yellow mark--Christians, a red mark--on their clothes, identifying them as such. Sound familiar?

Several Muslims responded to my last post on Ahmadinejad. You guys kept things civil, thanks, I appreciate that. Not a single one of you, however, rebuked this Muslim of being unrepresentative of the Islamic faith. Instead, I received feedback from an Islamic Egyptian named Moustafa claiming Ahmadinejad's views are valid, another Muslim criticising Bush instead, claiming Bush and Ahmadinejad are equals, and yet another Muslim claiming the West is just out to demonize Islam. Not a single one of you condemned the views of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

This is one thing that continues to astound me. The West really criticizes Islam for being such a violent religion, it's true; the response back from Muslims is that the violence only comes from a small sect of Islam and is not representative of Islam as a whole. But here, in plain public view, is the purely evil views and violent spoutings of a Muslim in the name of Islam. He is the perfect stereotypical violent Muslim, in the West's eyes. So where is this peaceful majority of Islam I keep hearing about? Where is the public Islamic decrying of Ahmadinejad's views? All I've heard so far is apologetics. Is Ahmadinejad right in everything he's saying, according to mainstream Islam? For God's sake, I hope not.


  1. Meanwhile, christians in America are rounding up muslims, and sending them to GITMO.

    As a jew i don't see much difference in the way the muslims practice from christianity.

    I think you are all dangerous with your "witnessing" and your so-call "family values."

    You teach your children lies about gentle Buddhists, Wiccans, and other indigenous religions and faiths around the world.

    MY GOD. Look what you people did to the American Indians on your continent. You are barbaric. You are evil.

  2. Hi Judah, welcome again, Ahmadinagad is calling for the erasing of Israel, and this is a right for each Palastenian, as they land being stolen, and you know this and everybody knows this, I want you to just put your self in the place of one man that found his land and holy Masgid has been stolen, is this something that you cann't do anything about ?, and I want you to know that our Qoraan saya that we will find the most people that hate us are the Jews, and the most who are the most closest the Christians, and in every country have Jews they are trying to ruin the Muslims' lives in this country, from a Muslim's point of view I see that almost of his sayings I want.

  3. Rebecca, Christians throughout history have persecuted Jews in the name of Jesus, it's sad but true.

    But for people like that, it's not at all like Jesus. Did you know what Jesus said about the Torah? He said the greatest of the Torah is to love other God and love other people. On top of those 2 mitzvot, all the Torah hangs.

    It's obvious that not all (most) people that claim to follow Jesus aren't really following him too well.

    Moustafa, you say Arab land was stolen. Have you considered that before Arabs populated it, it was Jews? Even the Qur'an does not contend this.

    If you persist in saying Israel must be erased, what do you suppose you would do with the Jews of the world? Arabs have 23 countries to call home; Jews, only 1. What would you do with the Jews of the world, moustafa? As a Jew--what--would you have me killed? Where should I live but my historic homeland?

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  5. Moustafa, you say Arab land was stolen. Have you considered that before Arabs populated it, it was Jews? Even the Qur'an does not contend this.

    Judah every time you repeat same words with different visitors?How lame.why dont u refute my claim that It were Jews who not native?Dont bring Quran in middle for giving support to your baseless statment.Quran also said that Jews were kicked out of the Land and Quran also tells that Moses and His Co was Invader and they occupied Palestine land when Your ancestors kiked out by Phararoh from Egypt.These arabs are native not you.

    I like your blog and I expect you to be mature enough while making up my comments on your second last post about WHy Israel is NOT legitimate.


    p.s:If get time,read my post about Nina Shea's article on my blog.


  6. oh yes this is very damnable to ask nonmuslims wear badges.I condemn it because Islam didnt ask to do this.What Nijad is doing is not related with islam or islamic teaching.Ppl like Nijad gives chances to non-muslims to criticize Islam and such ppl are not worthy for us.

  7. Adnan, you have so many facts mixed up. :-) Firstly, Moses did not enter the land of Israel. He died before he got there. So claiming he is an evil invader just doesn't work.

    Second, the people living in Israel before Israel got there some 3500 years ago would be the Caananites. Are you claiming the Caananites are Arabs?

    You claim the Qur'an states Israel was kicked out? I'm curious, where does it say that? Also, where in the Qur'an does it claim Arabs have inherited the land of Israel? Not that I don't believe you, but I'd like to see what the Qur'an says on this. In reality, the Jews were not "kicked out", but were taken captive after Roman rule and eventual destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD.
    The Land of Israel is the historical birthplace of the Jewish people. Through 2000 years of exile the link was preserved through the habit of praying in the direction of the Temple in Jerusalem, and reciting the statement "Next year in Jerusalem" at the end of Yom Kippur, the end of the Pesach Seder, and at all celebrations. For two thousand years Jews left corners of their homes unfinished and broke a glass at a wedding ceremony as an expression of loss and a desire to return and rebuild Israel. Throughout that time there were Jews living in the Land of Israel, mainly in Jerusalem, Safed, Hebron and Tiberias. In 1856, before the Zionist movement even began, the Jewish population of Palestine was over 17,000. According to the Ottoman census, as reported by Karl Marx, Jerusalem had a Jewish majority in 1844.

    Before *modern* state of Israel-- temporarily gnoring the ancient state of Israel as recorded in the Bible--when the Jews came to Palestine it was under-populated and neglected. The Jews cultivated and built the land. They did not displace the local population at this time, nor attempt to do so. All Jewish land was bought and paid for. Most of it was sold by the absentee landlords who owned and neglected it.

    The 1947 UN Partition plan, supported by the Jewish leadership, called for the creation of two states side-by-side: one Jewish, one Arab. This would have allowed the two populations to live on the land without displacing one another. The Arab leadership were the ones who rejected the Partition Plan. Even then, Israel's Declaration of Independence guaranteed "complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex". Those Arabs who stayed and did not flee in 1948 were made citizens and allowed to stay in their homes. They were not displaced.

    A few more points worth noting:


    A new critique of Israel proposes its elimination and replacement with a bi-national Palestinian-Jewish state. Israel's new detractors doubt the legitimacy of Jewish statehood, though they say nothing about the validity of dozens of new states that have emerged in the last half century, many of which lack any firmly rooted national identity. The new attack on Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state is particularly ironic since Jewish nationhood preceded the emergence of most modern nation-states by thousands of years.

    The new critics of Jewish statehood neglect the fact that Israel's communal expression - like that of many communal states around the world - in no way infringes the rights of minority citizens, who enjoy full equality under the law and the political system. They also ignore that this form of national expression is not unique; indeed, most states identify in some formal way with the religious or cultural heritage of their predominant communities. Yet only Israel is singled out for criticism.

    Israel is the only state created in the last century whose legitimacy was recognized by both the League of Nations and the United Nations. The League of Nations Mandate did not create the rights of the Jewish people to a national home in Palestine, but rather recognized a pre-existing right - for the links of the Jewish people to their historic land were well-known and accepted by world leaders in the previous century.

    By 1864, a clear-cut Jewish majority emerged in Jerusalem - more than half a century before the arrival of the British Empire and the League of Nations Mandate. During the years that the Jewish presence in Eretz Israel was restored, a huge Arab population influx transpired as Arab immigrants sought to take advantage of higher wages and economic opportunities that resulted from Jewish settlement in the land. President Roosevelt concluded in 1939 that "Arab immigration into Palestine since 1921 has vastly exceeded the total Jewish immigration during the whole period."

    Israel's new detractors seek to delegitimize Jewish national rights by arguing that their assertion was an extension of European imperialism. In fact, Jewish underground movements waged an anti-colonial war in the 1940s against continuing British rule. Israel was an anti-imperialist force when it first emerged, while the Arab states were aligned with the imperial powers, their armies trained and supplied by the French and British Empires.

    There was no active movement to form a unique Palestinian state prior to 1967. In 1956, Ahmad Shuqairy, who would found the PLO eight years later, told the UN Security Council: "it is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria." In the early 1960s, many Palestinians looked to Egypt's Abdul Nasser as their leader as much as to any Palestinian. Given the historical background, it is impossible to argue that the Palestinians have a claim to the Land of Israel superior to that of the Jews, as Israel's detractors contend.

    The new assault on Israel is partly based on ignorance of Jewish history in today's highly secularized world. But it also emanates from a new anti-Semitic wave reflected in a public opinion poll by the European Commission showing Israel as the country most regarded by Europeans as a threat to world peace. The president of the European Commission, Roman Prodi - alluding to the anti-Semitic underpinnings that led to the poll's results - said, "to the extent that this may indicate a deeper, more general prejudice against the Jewish world, our repugnance is even more radical."

    Adnan, this is all ignoring the fact that there was a Jewish presence -- something acknowledged by Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scripture -- in the land of Israel going back almost 3000 years. The land is the only -- ONLY! -- homeland of Jews. What a horrible, racist thing to say erasure of Israel and elimination of the Jews in Israel is a Palestinian right. What a terrible, ungodly thought! I hope the Qur'an does not support that; if it does, it would only strengthen the knowledge that the Qur'an is not from God, but from an uneducated man set on violent conquest.

  8. saima, first, regarding Muhammed being an uneducated man, I apologize for offending you. That was low of me to say that; one's education level does not affect how godly one is.

    Regarding Native Americans, I'm not going to defend anyone on this matter. Simple truth is, Europeans took land away from Native Americans, often violently. That's a terrible thing, yes.

    I will say one thing, though: the United States allows native Americans to live here, which is more than can be for your view, right? If I'm hearing you correctly, you claim Israel should be wiped off the map and all Jews in Israel removed (killed?).

    Additionally, the United States permits native Americans to basically rule themselves; they are virtually exempt from our laws (such as gambling statutes) and can do pretty much anything they please on their own land which they own, so long as US citizens aren't affected.

    With that said, the US situation with native Americans is clearly a red herring from the topic at hand. Let's stay focused here. If the Jews have no right to Israel, where do you suggest Jews live, since Israel is our only historic home? Also, what do you suggest be done with the Jews in Israel?

  9. You said,

    your point is that its ok to grab land and kill native Americans and then let them live in their own homeland as a minority, as long as they don't disturb their european masters

    No, it's not ok at all! In my last post I said, and I'll say it again, it's a terrible thing.

    My friend, if co-existence is the answer, where's the problem? Israel is allowing Arabs to live in Israel. In fact, Israel even has Arabs in the government, in the Knesset.

    From my side, what I'm seeing, is Arab governments saying Jews have no right to live there. Moreover, Arab people blowing themselves up in order to kill as many civilians as possible. Am I missing something here?

    Of course Israel retaliates. Wouldn't you, if some of your people --civilians!--were killed?

    Saima, you might say that Israel is the one on the offensive all the time, and the suicide bombers are just acting in retaliation. But there's a problem with that: the ceasefires. Israel and the Palestianian authorities have declared many ceasefires, only to have Hamas or other organizations go on the offensive and kill more Israeli civilians. What's your take on that, Saima?


  10. Firstly, Moses did not enter the land of Israel. He died before he got there. So claiming he is an evil invader just doesn't work.

    err are you sure?and yes i mena cannites and cannites and jews are not equal.Refusing invasion by Moses,re you saying that 12 trible story led by moses is fake?

    The Land of Israel is the historical birthplace of the Jewish people.

    you cant prove it anyway,its like if muslims who invaded spain ages back starts claming now that spain is birth place of muslim people.

    so either that 12 trible story is correct or your statment.Both cant be true anyway,similarly that promised land theory failes here aswell.

    The 1947 UN Partition plan, supported by the Jewish leadership, called for

    oh dont talk about UN at all.You andme both knoows status of UN.Neocons etc,I know about them and i know how do they work in US.

    why these guys ( follow your theory.Will u claim that they aint jews or u wana say that zionism==judaism? I wonder who do you believe?Zionism or Judaism. *grin*

    Saima.hehee ppl like judah are like that,they change defnitions and logics for their own intrest and i already knew hat Judah would come up with these points thtswhy I alreay mentioned them.Now hes refusing thaT moses was not expelled by Phararoah,If that is the case it means bible is fake and there was no such incident taken place.If it really happened then why tribes enter in land of cannan? >>Intresting read.

  11. Slaves and servants? Hahah...saima my friend, you fool yourself: are you aware that there are Arab members of the Israeli government? Hardly slaves and servants. Instead, first class citizen. More than can be said for how Arab nations treat non-Muslims.

  12. Or how Christiano-fascists treat non-Christians...

  13. Yes, you know, because Christians force Muslims to wear special clothes identifying them as infidels. And how Christians also force Muslims to pay infidel taxes in the form of dhimma.

    Or how Christians in America are burning Mosques and desecrating Islamic holy places. Or decapitating the heads of captured Muslims, putting it on video, and spreading it around the internet. Or calling for the killing of all non-Christians.


  14. Yes, Christians in America ARE desecrating holy places. They laugh at Indians who want to keep places like Bear Butte (the christians call it devils tower) sacred, but the christians think it's perfectly okay to use it for rock-climbing.

    Christians taunt non-christian children, and they send people to houses to nag people about the bible.

    Christians support the murder of innocent palestinian and lebanese children to the tune of millions of dollars a day to the terrorist state of Israel.

    Christians call for the killing of doctors and they support the bombing of women's clinics.

    It was Christians who first attacked the Muslims of the mediterranean...centuries ago. It was Christians who tortured women, calling them 'witches.'

    It is Christians who force their disgusting values on the rest of our children in America. They are trying to force prayer in school, and the "ten commandments" in every public place...

    I wonder how those disgusting Christians would feel if some "Satanist" decided that some "Satan" rules should be set in stone and erected?

    Christians are not moral people. They murder, they rape, they condoned the rape of Iraqi boys at Abu Ghraib.

    They are the cancer of the planet. If one comes to your door. Slam it in his face. He is evil.

  15. When there is a debate of opinion, I can argue. When there is no agreement on facts, however, I'm at a loss what to do. What you've said is so untrue, I hardly know where to begin.

    Christians think climbing an Indian holy place is OK? Please point me to some stats indicating it is Christians doing this.

    Christian children taunt non-Christian children? If my son taunted someone who isn't a Christian, he'd be getting disciplined. It is my experience that it is the Christian who gets taunted, called names, and have his beliefs made fun of, especially in this increasingly humanistic, secularized world.

    Call for the killing of doctors? Do you honestly believe we support that? I'm rolling my eyes in disbelief at your misconceptions.

    Christians did not first attack Muslims -- do you know why the Crusades were launched? Because Islamic imperialism had taken over Christian Antioch (now in modern Turkey). That said, I don't believe Christianity in the Middle Ages were following Christ very well by any means.

    Forcing our values on you? Was it not prayer in public schools that was allowed during the founding of this nation? Show me one federal law where we force Christianity on non-Christians, and I'll eat my words. p.s. the 10 Commandments are not Christian, they are Hebrew, given by Moses, not Jesus. :-)

    Abu Ghraib? Nice straw man argument; what makes you think those people were Christians? Because they were American? Again, I'm shrugging my shoulders, rolling my eyes; your misconceptions run on a level so deep, I'm frankly shocked that such outrageous lies and propaganda has found a willing home in your mind.

  16. As always the Muslims do not allow the truth to influence their opinions. but for the rest of you guys here are some facts: 1. Palestine is geographically and historically what is today Israel, the west bank and the east bank (which is today's Jordan). 2.Jordan was given to the Hashemites as a gratitude to their support in the "great Arab rebellion" against the Turks. 3. In today's Jordan a majority of more then 70% Palestinians are ruled by a minority of Hashemite Monarchy - talk about occupation!! 4. the Palestinians are "ARABS" and as such they come from Arabia. the Jews are Jewish (YEHUDIM) and the come from Judia (YEHUDA)-which is Israel 5. this conflict has nothing to do with religion!! but if you choose to insist - Muhammad accepted the old testament as a foundation of the Muslim belief and in the old testament it is written clearly that this land was promised and given to the 12 tribes of the Hebrews which the Jews are a part of them (the tribe of Juda, Levi and parts of the others) - and not the Palestinians! 6. the Arab terrorism started before Israel occupied the west bank in 67. and even before the Israel state was founded (1948)! the most known event is in 1929 when the Arabs of Hebron massacred their Jewish neighbors that lived among them for centuries. these are a small part of the "unknown facts" and believe me there are plenty more...

  17. Amihai, very interesting facts, thanks for stopping by and posting.


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