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Bought a house!

It was a close call. After offering $10k lower than the asking price of $210,000, 2 other offers came in for the house that weekend. So we raised the stakes ourselves, offering $210,500 and waiving the inspection contingency.

To our relief, that offer (which was simply the highest we could offer given our current finances) was accepted. Woo! Praise God for that. I'm feeling a combination of joy & relief after all this house searching, sorting of finances, budgeting, and waiting. Wow. All that's done. Hopefully I don't have to do this again for another 20 years!


It's nice, fairly large (especially for the price), appears to be built well, looks good on the inside and outside. I really like the place, pretty good bargain I think. I'll upload some pictures of it soon.


  1. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing the pics!

    Still, you know you're asking for trouble when you say it appears to be well built, don't ya? Watch out for that.

  2. Congratulations. Buying a house is a real pain, especially the first time. It's also really exciting, especially when you decide you don't like the color of a room, and realise you don't need to ask anyone before you change it :-)

  3. Thanks guys. Ash, yeah I wonder about it. It appears well built, very well built in fact, but you never know until extensive use, eh? :-)

    Aaron, it has 3 rooms in the downstairs (although 2 of the rooms have no divider wall, so it's really 1 big room, so really 2 rooms downstairs), then 2 bedrooms upstairs. 2 bathrooms.

  4. Congratulations Judah,

    God is good!

    I remember how exciting it was when we bought our first house 10 years ago. I wouldn't count on being there 20 years though, especially if your family starts growing. Can't wait to see the pictures.

    On a completely unrelated note. I had someone spam one of the posts in my blog pitching some nonsense called normism. If you want a good chuckle, check it out

    Take Care

  5. God definitely is good. Sometimes I wonder whether God is looking out for me, but if I just look at my life and the blessings God's provided, I know the answer. :-)

    Will post some pictures in the coming weeks.

    Heheh, Normism has got to be a joke. Are these people (person?) serious? :-p By the way, I was getting some spam comments until I turned on word verification. Stopped spam comments immediately. Might be worth it, unless you like getting funny spam comments like that. :-)

    Talk to you later Gary, God bless ya!

  6. Judahhhhhhhhh....Congrats on the house. Life is good. I hope you and your family have a great holiday season. God Bless.... Dana

  7. Sanch! Hey it's been a long time. Good to hear from you again! How are things?

  8. Congrats Judah!

    $210,500? Ouch! The cost of living must be a lot higher in Minnesota. There's no way I could afford that much on my measley salary.

    BTW, we're selling (closing on) our house on Dec. 1st and will be renting for about 9-10 months while we built a new house. My Dad and I are building it by ourselves (scary). I'm thinking about blogging the process, but I'm not much of a writer.

    congrats again.

  9. Jason, the housing prices are horrific here in Minnesota. Seriously, $210,500 was a bargain; the average single family home is now well over $230k here (and I know this because I was forced to take an 8 hour long first-time homebuyer class this past weekend).

    So yeah, it's really bad. We were fortunate in that with a firt-time homebuyer program, you can put very little money down (in our case, about $1200), buy 1 year's worth of homeowners insurance for about $800, and get in the house. So basically, we're getting into the house for $2000.

    Things will still be tight to make the monthly payments, but my employer has guaranteed me both a raise and as much overtime work as needed (which pays 1.5x normal salary). So with that we should be able to make it.

    Wow, you're building your own house? Wheh, that seems like a monumental task. Good luck with that! God bless.

  10. Housing prices are insane everywhere. But the good thing is, they are insane for the people buying our house too. :)

    We will come out about $50 grand ahead on our sale when we payoff our old mortgage. That will pay for 7 acres of land ($25k), a driveway, and a basement with maybe a little left over. A good start.

    I just started a new blog about our experience (only 1 post) at and will try to keep it updated every so often.

  11. Sweet. I'll be keeping tabs on how you guys are doing then.


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