Buying a house!

Sorry for the sparse blog updates, but I've got a good excuse: me and Kristin are buying a house! Up till now we've been renting (a.k.a. throwing your money into the fire), so this is a pretty exciting thing for us.

It looks like we're narrowing down things and we may have a new house soon! Stay tuned...

In the meantime, go visit Christian Graus' blog. Looks like it should be good if you're into Windows programming, Visual Studio, the C# computer language, that kind of stuff.

Another good news blog-kind of site I've been visiting lately is Christdot. Christdot references all sorts of interesting stories around the web (like the recent Goliath Found?), as well as a good community mix of a variety of believers in Christ, as well as a few adamant atheists, mixed with a Muslim here or there. Good conversations, and, believe it or not, they usually stay civil! (imagine that!)

Or on a more secular note, go visit The Best Page In The Universe. I pointed my brothers to this site and they both love it, a really hilarious find if you've never visited.

All that said, pray for us and/or cross your fingers for us, hopefully by the next post we'll have a new place! +

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  1. Nice blog!
    Hello from Montreal, Canada.
    My name is Wren and I just happened upon your blog today.
    I have a family friendly discussion forum, and am trying to get discussion on various sects...or just plain old christian discussion! There is a christian section which already has a couple of threads (sects) in progress. Please feel free to join in the discussion or, if you don't see your church mentioned in any of the topic titles in that section, please feel free to create your own new topic for it.
    Registration is free and the forum rules are posted at the top of the various sections.
    It would be an honor to have you post there...that is if you wish to, of course.
    Have a wonder filled day!