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Buying a house!

Sorry for the sparse blog updates, but I've got a good excuse: me and Kristin are buying a house! Up till now we've been renting (a.k.a. throwing your money into the fire), so this is a pretty exciting thing for us.

It looks like we're narrowing down things and we may have a new house soon! Stay tuned...

In the meantime, go visit Christian Graus' blog. Looks like it should be good if you're into Windows programming, Visual Studio, the C# computer language, that kind of stuff.

Another good news blog-kind of site I've been visiting lately is Christdot. Christdot references all sorts of interesting stories around the web (like the recent Goliath Found?), as well as a good community mix of a variety of believers in Christ, as well as a few adamant atheists, mixed with a Muslim here or there. Good conversations, and, believe it or not, they usually stay civil! (imagine that!)

Or on a more secular note, go visit The Best Page In The Universe. I pointed my brothers to this site and they both love it, a really hilarious find if you've never visited.

All that said, pray for us and/or cross your fingers for us, hopefully by the next post we'll have a new place! +

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