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A rare Messianic find at a Seattle thrift shop

Last night I took my daughter Kess out for a dad-daughter date night. We went out to a movie, dinner, ice cream, and shopping at a thrift store. We had a great time! And some much needed reconnection. ♥

While at the thrift store, I saw they had some vintage vinyl albums from the 1970s and '80s. As I was thumbing through them, I found this gem:

This is the 1972 album of Lamb, the music group that pioneered the Messianic music genre. This was their first recording! 😎 Indeed, one of the very first Messianic albums ever recorded. (Possibly Liberated Wailing Wall had the first recorded Messianic album? Or did this come first? Maybe someone knows.) 

What a treasure to find this!

Here are the tracks for this golden oldie. Give it a listen! 

  1. The Judge
  2. Hatishkach התשכח
  3. Baruch Hashem ברוך השם
  4. The Sacrifice Lamb
  5. Time is Running Out
  6. Dracheicha דרכיך
  7. The Least I Could Do
  8. The Night is Far Spent
Some of the tracks have kind of a funky '70s vibe to them: The Judge, The Least I Could Do, The Night is Far Spent. 

Many have aged well: The Sacrifice Lamb, Baruch Hashem, Dracheicha, The Night is Far Spent. The Sacrifice Lamb in particular has been covered by other Messianic artists and is still commonly used in worship services at Messianic congregations across the world.

When I posted this to the Chavah Messianic Radio Facebook page, folks chimed in about it:

This album is pretty special to me because I grew up listening to Lamb. The first song I learned to play on the guitar was a song from this album: Baruch Hashem - here are the guitar chords for it

Another song from this album is very special to me: The Night is Far Spent. Some years ago, I had a vivid dream about life and death, involving myself and my family members saying goodbye to each other and stepping into graves. (And now that my younger brother has died since then, it is even more meaningful to me.) I'm convinced this dream was from God. It showed me the shortness of life, told me to get sin out of my life before it's too late because the Lord is coming soon. 

When I woke from the dream in tears, The Night is Far Spent was inexplicably playing from my PC. The lyrics go:

The night is far spent
The day is close at hand
When Jesus comes
As the son of man ... 
Let us walk honestly in His sight
Shedding the old ways
The ones we did in the night
Let's put on new clothes
The armor of His light
And let's do His word
Before the end of night

So why do we slumber
When it is time to rise?
Awake all you sleepers
His coming draweth neigh

It was no coincidence. As The Judge puts it, "He'll find you in your dreams" ♥ 

This album is very special, friends! Perhaps God was giving me a unique blessing finding this rare gem at a little thrift shop near Seattle. I was blessing God for it last night. 😊

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