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Aaron’s Recovery

Hey Kineti readers,

I’ve put together a new site that documents my younger brother’s road to recovery and his current health status:

As you may know, he was found drowned near his home in August. After CPR resuscitation, he was rushed to a hospital, where he’s been treated for coma resulting from hypoxia. In September, I visited Aaron in the hospital and wrote about trusting God and even rejoicing in difficult times.

I’m in the midst of moving out of state, so things have been a bit busy here. Meanwhile, many of you have been asking about Aaron and I haven’t always had time to respond to each of you. Hence, this new site, It logs Aaron’s recovery by posts from friends and family: every report from his doctors, our time spent visiting with Aaron, prayers and intercession for Aaron, dreams we’ve had about Aaron, medical prognoses, and more. All of it is there on, ordered by most recent. As new developments happen with Aaron, we’ll post them at the new site.

Thanks to all of you who have asked about Aaron and continued to lift him up in prayer. He needs it more than ever! He remains in a coma with an uncertain prognosis.

But one thing we are certain of is, God is in control and will do what’s right. Aaron often would tell me in years past, “God is in control of even the smallest things in life! Nothing happens without God willing it.” If God wills it, I look forward to Aaron reading this post himself and laughing and praising God. I think I’ll join him.


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