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10 Things I Wrote in 2018


Shalom Kineti readers.

As we enter 2019, I thought I’d reflect back on the articles I’d written in the last year, ones I’m particularly proud of. Here are the top 10 articles I’ve written dealing with faith, science, and apologetics.

  1. Would the Torah Look Different if God Revealed it Today?
    Moses with iPads
    The Torah is filled with commandments tailored to a civilization circa 1500 BC. So, if God gave the Torah fresh today, would it look different? I argue it would.

    This axiom opens up more questions about how we moderns should apply the ancient text of the Bible. Keep an eye out for a new post exploring these ideas.
  2. The Universe Had a Beginning. Here’s How We Know and Why It Matters
    Did you know that modern cosmology affirms the universe came into existence? The universe didn’t exist forever; there was a time and place where the universe exploded into existence.

    A universe that sprung into existence means something very powerful caused it to happen. Or, in the words of one secular science journal, “If the universe was created, doesn’t that mean there’s a Creator?”
  3. What Science, Technology, and Medicine Can’t Solve
    For all the good that science, tech, and medicine have done, they can’t solve – and indeed, don’t attempt to solve – the world’s greatest problem: the human propensity for evil.

    Billy Graham’s death inspired this post, where I recall and examine a fantastic TED Talk he delivered to a secular, technologically-savvy audience. It’s stirring and powerful and utterly relevant for today.
  4. Evidence for God: Aristotle’s Unmoved Mover, Explained
    The first domino
    Did you know there are ancient logical proofs of God’s existence? Did you know some of them are over 2500 years old?

    In this post I examine and explain in my own words Aristotle’s Unmoved Mover, an ancient logical proof for God’s existence.
  5. Religious Hypocrites Shaming God’s Reputation
    Newly released court documents show the absolute depravity of the child abuse carried out by Catholic priests, and covered up by Church hierarchy. My secular friends begin asking, “Why are churches even legal?”

    I argue our own hypocrisy is the greatest threat to our faith, and how we need to refocus our efforts towards the good works Messiah commanded us to carry out. Doing so will result in the reemergence of God’s people as a light to the world.
  6. The Pro-Torah, Pro-Israel, Pro-Jewish Apostle Paul
    I’ve been studying Romans and teaching it at my local Messianic congregation. I’m more than ever convinced of Paul’s Messianic identity: his favorable view of the Torah, his advocacy for his own nation Israel, and his heart and devotion for his own people, the Jewish people.
  7. Paul’s Identity as a Messianic Jew: A Necessity for a More Accurate Interpretation of His Letters
    The more I study Romans, the more I realize that a faulty view of Paul – for example, that he’s an ex-Jew who converted to a new gentile religion – results in a poor interpretation of his letters. That poor interpretation leads to anemic disciples, or worse, Christian anti-Semitism.
  8. 11 Elements of Liberal Christianity: A Conservative’s Friendly Critique
    What do liberal Christians and progressive religionists hold as core truths? Where can we conservatives find common ground, and where do we differ? I examine and offer a friendly critique of a new book on liberal Christianity.
  9. Human Ageing in View of the Divine
    Medicine is solving and curing more diseases as each year passes. Human lifespan has doubled since the 1700s. If this trend continues, humans may live indefinitely. If science-based medicine could provide eternal life, would it affect our faith? Both Jews and Christians hold resurrection to be of paramount importance.
  10. Abortion: Examining the Torah’s Commandment Regarding the Unborn

    Several Jewish public figures entered a dispute about whether Judaism is intrinsically pro-life. I examine their arguments and look at the Torah to see what we can glean.

There you have it, friends. 10 things I wrote that I’m most proud of.

What’s in store for 2019? One of my resolutions this year is to write once a week, with a plan of action to write each Monday. This is the first such Monday  post. Smile

Another plan of action  is to send out regular updates to the Kineti email list. I’ll likely revert that list to automated monthly email, otherwise it tends to be put on the backburner of busy life. I prefer personalized email, but without automation, I’m only able to send out a few emails per year.

So, more posts, and more in your inbox. Thanks for reading, fine Kineti readers.

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