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In the last month, I’ve founded a software company, and made $900 with that company, received news of my mom’s cancer, and subsequent positive prognosis, worked for 2 new clients for my internet radio startup company, started working part-time for an Israeli software company, and spent a good week preparing materials for our Passover haggadah and music. (The work paid off, by the way, we had a wonderful, worshipful, memorable Passover last week at our Hebrew Roots congregation here in Minnesota, Tabernacle of David.)

Surprisingly, my day job, my wife, and my kids haven’t abandoned me yet! Hahah. Smile(And truthfully, I know it’s put a strain on my day job and my family life. Bummer. Even last night I yelled at my wife over something stupid, and had to apologize for all of it today. Oiy.)

Folks, I’m really exhausted and wiped. I think all these things have really drained me. And look, I’m not one to complain. I’m just ready for a nice break. And this week is exactly that.

This week, my company is sending me to the <anglebrackets> web developer conference in Las Vegas. (I’m actually writing this very post at the airport as I await my flight.)

Technically it’s a business trip. In reality, it’s really a pleasure trip; I enjoy attending software conferences and don’t really consider it work. I’m staying at the lovely MGM Grand hotel. To be honest with you fine Kineti reader, just spending a week with all obligations cancelled, all pending deadlines pushed out, everything put out of my mind for a good week…well, I’m looking forward to this! I need some unwind time.

Two years ago, I first visited Las Vegas for another software conference, during which I met up with Israeli developer Ariel Ben Horesh, and had a blast with some co-workers, which was super cool. Meeting up with Ariel was cool, and paved the way for me to stay at Ariel’s home in Israel for a few days this past summer. Which in turn allowed me to make a trip to Israel for business, which allowed me to meet up with Israeli entrepreneur Ayende, for whom I’m now working as a part-time consultant.

(Funny how everything’s connected!)

What this trip holds remains to be seen. But I think it will be filled with lots of sleeping, vegging, chilling. Hopefully meeting some cool people and expanding my horizons. But mostly, I’m aiming for relaxation and fun.

To more a week ahead of rejuvenation and recharging, something we all need from time to time, fine Kineti readers. Shavua tov.

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