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Fine Kineti readers,

Would you pray with me on behalf of my mom, Jacquie Himango? She has been diagnosed with bone cancer.

I believe God has both the ability and the will to heal people, and that no good thing is withheld from those who walk uprightly.

My mom has served the Lord for over 30 years in ministry, she and my dad Bob together have served as worship ministers at Church on the Rock of Rockford, Illinois, Beth Immanuel of Hudson, Wisconsin, Beth Hallel of Georgia, and numerous others churches and Messianic congregations over the years. She served on the board of numerous Messianic organizations. Her and my dad were founders of The Harbor in Cottage Grove, MN, Congregation Nace Cabal in Chicago, IL, Temple Shalom Yisrael of Schaumberg, IL began in their living room, and they founded Tabernacle of David, of Burnsville, MN.

My mom has dedicated her life to serving the Lord and I hope to follow her example.

I talked to her on the phone today. She told me today her time isn't up, she won't let this disease kill her, and one day she will live in Israel and grow old in the land.

I'm reminded of Psalm 128:

The Lord will bless you from Zion
You shall see the good of Jerusalem
All the days of your life

Please pray for her. Thank you.

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