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The State of the Messianic Movement: Intro

I spoke at my Hebrew Roots congregation, Tabernacle of David, this past week. First time I’ve ever taught at a congregation.

I spoke on something near and dear to my heart: the state of the broad Messianic movement.

As a second-generation Messianic, with my family having been involved in both Messianic Judaism and Hebrew Roots congregations all over the US, not to mention having run the oldest Messianic blog on the web cool, I’ve got some unique perspective on the Messianic movement.

I covered the 3 large groups that identify as “Messianic”:

  • Jewish Christianity
  • Messianic Judaism
  • Hebrew Roots

I laid out what each group believes, what characterizes them. Their goals. And I explained the criticisms of each group – what is it that people from the outside say about Jewish Christianity? About Hebrew Roots? About Messianic Judaism?

All this information was presented in order to ask, “Where are we, exactly, today? What are our convictions as Messianics, what do we believe?”

More importantly, “How can we move forward in our faith?”

How can I have a growing Messianic edge in my life?  How do I grow my faith in Messiah and my life in Torah?

And that, friends, was the thesis of my very first teaching. I’ll be piecemealing that teaching here to you, the fine Kineti reader, over the next few weeks. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Shalom, fine Kineti readers.

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