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What our leaders believe, Gene Shlomovich edition

Gene Shlomovich is a Messianic Jew who argues for Bilateral Ecclesiology Messianic Judaism: the idea that there should be a religion for Jews (Judaism) that follows Yeshua as Messiah (Messianic) and is a distinct, second body apart from the gentile Christian Church (bilateral ecclesiology).


I came across this great banter over at Orthodox Messianic, where the author of that blog, Peter, questions Gene on gentile membership into the covenants God made with Israel:

Peter: Are you saying that the Apostles believed that uncircumcision excluded gentiles from the covenant?

Gene: The apostles understood that Gentiles partook in the spiritual benefits of the covenants of Israel WITHOUT circumcision.

Peter: It sounds like you're position is that gentiles remained OUTSIDE of the covenant. Do I understand you correctly?

Gene: Since they share in the spiritual benefits of Israel, the answer is that those Gentiles who are disciples of Yeshua are INSIDE of the New Covenant G-d has made with Israel.

Peter: Wait a minute? You must agree with me then. Because Torah says that all members of the covenant (i.e. members of Adat Yisrael) are required to follow Torah. Or would you dispute this?

Gene: Peter, yes, all members are required to follow Torah.

Peter: If all members are required to follow Torah and gentiles are now members then it follows that the gentiles must now follow Torah, yes?

Gene: Absolutely and without a doubt!

Peter: Are you being sarcastic? I'm genuinely confused.

Gene: Not at all. Everyone should obey Torah.

Peter: I see where you're coming from. You're advocating the view that Torah differentiated as between covenantal members.

This helped me. It clarified, significantly, the Bilateral Ecclesiology stance on Torah. And I was pleased hearing it; despite a difference (and a big one) about Torah differentiated between covenant members (a complicated way of saying gentiles don’t have to keep the same set of laws Jews do, a view I differ with), I thought it was nice to hear folks on the Bilateral Ecclesiology Messianic Judaism camp speak so positively of God’s Torah: “everyone should obey Torah.”

With all the arguing that goes on against gentile Torah observance, some times I forget we’re on the same Pro-Torah, Pro-Messiah team.

(Nitpickers corner: since we are on the same team, I’m tagging this with “what our leaders believe”, even though Gene is not my personal rabbi or leader, he is a leader in the Messianic Judaism movement.)

You can read Gene’s musings over at Daily Minyan.

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