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Troy Mitchell – Sunshine

Here’s something cool: Messianic musician Troy Mitchell covering Matisyahu’s song Sunshine:

(For the uninitiated, Matisyahu is a popular Jewish reggae artist who sings Hebrew Bible-themed songs that make it to secular, everyday FM-radio.)

The short of it is: Matisyahu’s sponsoring a contest for best cover of one of his songs. You vote, and the winner plays live with Matisyahu.

Troy Mitchell, above, is doing a cover of Sunshine. Let’s get him some votes, shall we? A Messianic musician playing live with Matisyahu – wouldn’t that be something?

I’ve met Troy on several occasions – he plays music at a Messianic congregation near me, and also does some other cool stuff: I went to a kosher deli a few months back, and there was Troy playing some traditional Jewish tunes right there in the café. I was at a Messianic wedding a few months back, and there was Troy doing some praises on the guitar.

His music rates some of the highest of Chavah Messianic Radio, even making the heavenly seventy with his Messiah-themed song Peace.

Bottom line: this is a great way to help out my friend and disciple of Yeshua and amplify Messiah at the same time.

Vote for Troy here. Thanks!

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