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Orthodox Messianic: A new must-read, must-subscribe blog

Orthodox Messianic is a new Messianic blog that takes an interesting approach: posts as short, simple questions. Questions to be answered by the readers.

Here’s sample post:

Question #2

In Acts 15, Peter gave an argument.  If an argument consists of premises and a conclusion, how then would you outline Peter's argument?

Typical religious blogs take the preach-at-you approach: listen up, here’s the way it is! There’s no room for disagreement! Don’t like it? Then get out of here, knuckle-dragger!

At least, that’s the sense I get when reading some of the Messianic blogs on the web right now.

Peter’s blog bucks that trend. I like that.

Another thing I like about the Orthodox Messianic blog is, well, it gets out of the Leman/Pyles/Shlomovich/Corner Tassel/Hope Abbey echo chamber – I love these guys, but their blogs all basically say the same thing, but with varying combinations of theological infighting and supersessionoia.

(Hey, I just coined a new religious term. )

Peter’s blog is making me think and go back to the Scriptures, and it does so by asking questions. I like that. Subscribed.

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