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Gone Fishin’

This is a pre-recorded message. By the time you read this, JudahGabriel will be canoeing on a pristine Minnesota lake, reeling in the whopper Walleye.DSC00447

I’ve got double vacations lined up, you see. Early July, I’m headed to Israel – wooohooo – but before then, I’m headed to the Minnesota Boundary Waters for a week of solid roughin’ it, camping out, fishing out in the north woods.

And boy, I need this. I’ve had a continual pressure of things needing to get done over the last few months, and it’s just weighed down on me. Having a solid week of zero electronics, no email, nothing to worry about, no obligations to meet – complete disconnect from the modern world – is going to be huge.

I’ll be back in a week for a quick stop back at my home for a few days before heading out to Israel. Oh yes! Double vacation goodness.

In a week, then, fine Kineti readers.

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